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Hyper-mobility in my hip joints

When I was young and studying ballet this must have been a god send, now way beyond an entracha it shows that one leg is a inch longer than the other and my hips being hyper-mobile is no assistance at all. fernomina to her.

Has any one else this problem? and what can I do falling all the time is not an option


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sorry to hear that you are in trouble gins, I dont have what you have with my legs but my thigh muscles do keep going into spasms and my legs give way then, but fortunately i have to use crutches so that helps me, at the moment it isnt happening that often that I need to panic over, wish there was something I could do to help you gins, you are always helping us on here, lets hope someone can come up with an answer, do you have one of your shoes raised if not would that be a help, I do know of someone that has had that done to one of her shoes, and one of her legs is about 3" shorter..hoping this is of some little help, soft gentle hugs coming your way...Dee xxx


Thanks cookie no one has suggested that I wonder..... I better wait and see the physio :)


Her back grew into a position to accommodate her leg being

shorter than the other one. To add a shoe lift at her age will probably

make the hips, back and the rest of her body feel more pain and

not only that, because her back grew the way that it did, she

would probably walk funny..but she can try it..


Hi Gins,

when I was dancing I found my hypermobility was kept under control due to sheer muscle strength and control. Now I have bad balance problems, leg length differences and unexpected 'foot drop'. I hate using a cane but sometimes I have no option. I have found doing floor barre ( ballet exercise while flat on the floor on my back has helped a tiny bit.




Hi, I have suspected hyper mobility in my hips, as well as muscle weakness in legs. have to walk with stick short distances and use mobility scooter for longer. One thing that does help is a sacroiliac belt (recommended by physio), which goes round hip/pelvis area and adjusts with Velcro. This feels like it holds the joints together and does reduce the pain. If u look online, there are loads of different one available and instruction videos how to wear them correctly. Physio said to tell if one would help, put a normal wide belt on in the right place, if this reduces pain, it's worth buying one.

Hope this helps x


Thanks so much agft1 sounds like a good suggestion will try and see what happens. thanks xxgins


Good luck, hope it helps x


Yuppers, you do need to get into the doctor..I hope that

she/he can shed some more light on this for you. Good luck.


Thanks Yikes the Doctor is sending me to a physio to get a different stick or a walker not sure I want a frame just some help to stop it happening.xxgins


Yes. I am hyper-mobile in my hips, low back, and knees. The ligaments in the pelvic complex/girdle are lax, allowing for this problematic mobility - so that my hips become misaligned: usual patterns for me is - left ASIS (pelvic bone)/PSIS (on backside where "dimples" are above buttocks) rotate (ASIS moves up/PSIS moves down), then right ASIS/PSIS rotate the opposite way, and my sacrum rotates (usually higher on the right side). As a result, my muscles go into spasm and "guard" to protect the joints. I have been working with the same DPT (doctoral physical therapist) for 3 years (the 1st year was spent ruling out multiple sclerosis...which I don't have...). This chronic SIJ dysfunction and consequential pain is my biggest struggle. Sitting or lying down increases pain. Fibro definitely exacerbates this pain, and is a challenge (and depressing, hope-sapping) in its own right.


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