Notified in the last half hour that I have been awarded PIP, very quick as assessment was last sunday 22nd, maybe the assessor decided I was a complete barnpot! Not said how much or what category yet but told to expect letter and payment in next 2 weeks. If anyone needs help on putting forward explanatory detail of how Fibro/ME/CFS affects your daily life ( I didn,t hold back) let me know I will help ou all as much as I can.

With Fondest from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

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  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations! It's such a relief isn't it. Was shocked when I got it last year. I don't think I would have had the strength to appeal which I'm sure they bank on. I hope it makes life more enjoyable for you. It certainly helped me. :-)

  • well done xx

  • 👍😊

  • That is wonderful news, hope you hear soon what rate.😁x

  • Hi

    Well done I hope its the rate you where hoping for

    Best Wishes


  • I am truly happy for you. It's lovely to hear some good news for a change. Let us know which level you got. Good luck.



  • That is absolutely wonderful news, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the level of the award! Well done my friend! :) :)

    As Nurse Gladys Emanuel said in one of the episodes last night:

    ''I want a small brown loaf and two tea cakes!'' :)

    That was all I caught as my wife was watching it.

  • Fantastic - happy for you!! I'm going through a mandatory reconsideration because I was only awarded standard dlc and nothing for mobility (4 points for walking) They said I don't have anxiety and I'm not medicated for it, even though my GP has diagnosed it and I'm taking mirtazapine (which GP recently increased as I'm getting worse) Because of this they said I was able to engage face to face nd plan and follow a journey on my own... This isn't true - on my bad days (around 6/7) I can't do anything or talk to anyone. Haven't seen people since before Christmas and rarely leave the house.... I'm waiting for the evidence they used to be sent then I'm sending it all off... Hopefully they will believe that I am actually suffering!!

  • How did you go about applying for it mandatory I am going to do but not sure wot you do good luck x

  • Congrats and well done, hope you get a decent rate, but a relief youve been passed for it, phew, one less worry.

  • Congratulations I got mine back with in 2 weeks x

  • What is PIP?

  • It is Personal Independent Payments that replaced disability living allowance (DLA) it is not means tested and so anyone with a chronic illness can apply it helps you reduce your working hours if you still manage to work and in some cases motability is given to help buy you transport.

  • Thank you Caz.

    Best wishes from Tess

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