On the twelth day of Christmas My True love sent to Me Twelve drummers drumming

On the twelth day of Christmas My True love sent to Me  Twelve drummers drumming

Hang on havent we had that on already? Je ne comprend pas ok backwards if you please Twelve drummers drumming Eleven lords a leaping Ten maids a milking Nine Fibros fogging Eight computers jamming Seven screens a yelling Six posts are missing Five new members Four French Hens Three volunteers Two calling birds

AND OUR MODERATOR in a pear tree

Phew there we go hope you have enjoyed the advent calender !

Tomorrow is Xmas Eve and everyone will be celebrating so HAVE a HAPPY CHRISTMAS

xxxgins and her fluffcudle ted

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  • Very very good.Gins that is so clever, My imagination has never existed...Happy christmas

  • Merry Christmas mayrose54 xxx

  • That is the piece de resistance mon ami..... I think we should institute that as our own version ........ Oh clever lady :-) :-)

    I'm trying how to work out how we can get Emma into the pear tree, not sure she would like it too much though especially in this weather......... Have you had any snow yet ? I know pip has and she is sooooo excited :D we've just gales and lashing rain.......soo Christmassy .....not ......methinks I'd rather have the snow!!

    Shall I make you all groan just one more time ??.........oh heck yeah, I'll go for it..........

    What did the beaver say to the Christmas Tree?

    Nice gnawing you!

    Why are Christmas Trees like bad knitters?..................

    They keep loosing their needles!

    What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk?

    Jingle Smells!

    "That's all folks" as the ending of cartoons used to say......pheww is what I hear you all say !!

    Locks herself in the airing cupboard as it's cosy toasty and not windy there........ :D

    Foggy x

  • I like the jingle smells it made my face crack into a big grin LOL

  • Merry Christmas Foggy xxx

  • Merry Christmas to you too Ken! and let's hope the New Year brings better things for all of us :-). Have a good time !

    Foggy x

  • Great stuff Gins..! Thanks for such a humorous 12 days :)

    My groaner to end with...

    Who's the bane of Santa's life?

    The elf and safety officer..!

    Snow all gone after a covering this morning :( Wet and dreich as they say up here. Still, better than the rough weather you're having down south. Still time for a white Christmas :)

    Merry Christmas all.

    Pip xx

  • Methinks a canoe would be very useful, I'm not enjoying this at all :-(

    Foggy x

  • Are you all right Foggy?

  • Very wet and cold and not liking this wind, I find it very scary, but thanks for asking gins, no doubt I will survive. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Stay in and keep warm till it's all over xx

  • Merr Christmas pip_r xxx

  • Cheers and Merry Christmas to you :)

    Few flurries of snow here today... exciting :)

  • Very good Gins...... :) Thank You to you all for all the Christmas spirit ! :)

  • Merry Christmas Mdaisy xxx

  • why does Santa have 3 gardens........so he can Ho Ho Ho !!

  • Merry Christmas sandra99b xxx

  • Merry Christmas gins xxx

  • To Ken and All Fibromites Merry Christmas xxxxgins

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