On the fith day of Christmas the advent calendar shows a rather weedy christmas tree in a red bucket

it shaw look tired and un impressed poor tree - I know VG could you decorate it and cheer it up please and then I will tell you the story of the christmas spider............

The humor for today well let me ponder for a moment Ok what do yo call an Australian snowman?

I know I get dafter but what can you expect have you got it?

Have you?

PUDDLE lol xgins

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  • Gahhhh I was just trying to work out if you could type snowman upside down then I saw the answer ....

    Puddle oh my I never thought of that.... :) .my brain isn't thinking properly this morning

    VG x

  • I will certainly decorate your rather limp tree..... If you will feed my donkey carrots yes I had Mary on a donkey this morning.. I,ve hijacked... Assjacked...... donkey jacket... What is the word for commandeering a donkey for the use of getting somewhere.... Any way I,m on my way, slowly should be with you by January 6th to decorate your tree, hang on that's when they come down, gives donkey back sits down and has a coffee to ponder

    VG x

  • Ealways says that! Forget your donkey would you like the story of the christmas spider? xgins

  • Oh yes please, settles down in her comfy chair and waits...."

  • Still waiting......... Tell me ,,,,, are you nearly here yet....

    Stop eating and start typing......


  • I keep forgetting to check these post, love it PUDDLE xxxxx

  • Fantastic, still chuckling! Puddle lol! :)

    This is a brilliant idea Gins, I think you've got yourself a job each December, Mrs Advent Calendar! ;) :P

    (((hug))) xxx


  • What a great idea LibertyZ.It helps us all feel more cheerful in this cold weather.

  • :D xxx

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