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Letter just come for medical examination....any advice

Hi everyone

I have just come home and opened a letter from the medical services saying saying they will contact me to come and give me a medical examination to assist them in deciding my entitlement for DLA,can any one give so advice on this,what sort of things will they say and do? What sort of things will they be looking for?i would appreciate your exsperiences on the examination,I have heard some stories and although I have absolutely nothing to hide I am already starting to feel a bit apprehensive...many thanks...Julie xx

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Julie - I have just left my comments re-Wigan. All I can say from my own experienceis that I was totally honest. But I also I had a very nice Assessor that wrote down everything which resulted in what I have wrote. My opinion - Depending were you live and who you get, because thats what it's down too. All the very best of luck - Kevin x


Hi Kevin,thanks for your reply,I actually think you are right about who you get and where you live,it seems to me its a bit of a lottery with our lives,I wish you all the best with your assessment...julie


Hi Pinkblossom, there are some great tips on preparing for a home visit from the works and pensions website. The guides are free. Just email '' and ask them to send them to you. I used them myself and found them really useful. Good luck! Jane x


Pink Blossom ,

As Ladygreenfingers has mentioned you may want to consider sending an email to for the free Benefits & Work Guides that may help advise you with your situation.

Benefits & Work Link below:

I hope this helps

Best Wishes



Hi Emma,Just this minute done it,couldnt do it earlier,thanks...Julie x


Just to let you all know my appointment has come through for my medical examination,its next week! It's on Tuesday between 11.45 and 12.15,I will be looked at by a Doctor,now I'm starting to get anxious!..xx


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