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PIP application

Some good news!!!!!!


I've applied for PIP in June this year and have finally been given an answer, I've been granted the standard rate for daily and mobility. However I've also asked for a copy of my Atos report they based this info on and I was totally go smacked at how contradicting the information is and even though they spent week auditing it the information on the report still isn't correct. They missed big chunks out of what was really important and very relevant . They are incredibly stupid and a bunch of idiots!!!

I've called dwp and made a mandatory reconsideration.

It makes me laugh then the paragraph clearly says that my husband dose all the cooking as I have jelly hands and I drop things all the time, then they say that I can clock in a microwave ! When I have jelly hands and my microwave if in a fitted unit and really high up.

On another they clearly say that even with a pre planned map and directions done by my husband I still can't follow these and get lost, yet they put me down on the points section that I can plan a route and follow it and that I have a GPS in my car, If I do it must be an invisible one ask don't have a GPS at all. Where the hell do they get their info from. I was awarded 11 instead of 18 on the day living and 8 instead of 14 or more on the mobility. I'm now waiting to see if they can rectify their mistakes or if I have to go to a tribunal.

Just wondering if anyone else has been through this experience?

Thank you.

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Hi, I read the other day (somewhere but have forgotten where) that it is no longer doctors doing the assessments because of cut backs!!! And it is now down to joe bloggs reading our assessments and deciding what's we end up with, but off course they do not have a clue. I hope you get it sorted flipping government and their cut backs!!


The answer is yes, many many times and I didn't have the energy to fight it this last time due to ill health................ the irony eh!

fluffie cuddles for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)

yes ive had problems with my medical reports i think they employ hans christian anderson to write them my last atos report said i wore both my hearing aids throught assesment i didnt know i was deaf and wore hearing aids she also made reference to my astma meds didnt know i had astma eithershe also twisted everything my daughter and i said.

when it came to the tribunral they through the medical report out and had already decided to come out in my favor whole thing took less than 10 mins so go for it fight for your rights.

that's really good news jules, I also applied in june ,ive not had a decision yet but im optimistic that i will have one soon ...its been a really long wait and as im not getting any other benefits weve really struggled..have a good Christmas x

I dont know of course if this is relevant in your case, but someone told me that about finding your way, they may ask about using a GPS or whatever its called, it doesn't have to mean you have one. Its based on whether you are fit to use one. Otherwise all claimants would say they don't own one and automatically pass. About 90% of people own mobile phones these days and satnav's are an available download, they could be used in car or on foot, so this could be used against anyone's claim.

This was just something i heard the other day when someone... not on here, was talking about something similar.

The same applied to microwaves. It doesn't take into account where you keep your own microwave, but whether or not you would be capable of using one!

I'm sorry if this doesn't really help, i just thought i'd add what someone talking about. It may help someone.

Also something else they added as i think like you they got standard rate mobility, that will effect renewal applications for a blue badge. Don't know if you have one, they do, o and they were told to notify the issuing council of the PIP decision. Im not sure what happened about the blue badge as i haven't seen them again yet, but my guess it will effect renewal applications and a medical will be required for the blue badge too. I wont see them until after xmas now but will try and remember to ask them. Xx

It's all theoretical, the classic is that even if you don't have a wheelchair they can still assess you as if you were using one (i.e. they can guess whether you'd be able to propel/steer) and then you'd be expected to fund one in order to get to the work they decide you can do because you could use it if you had one... No matter whether you'd actually be able to afford the wheelchair without being granted PIP or even qualify for a free wheelchair (the NHS isn't particularly generous in that regard!)

Hi Jules.

I am so glad that you have finally heard from the pip even though they have got alot of the information wrong a least you have been awarded PIP as you have waited so long for just the answer to your claim, You now Know that you was belived about your illness and that is a great step in the right direction where the DWP are concerned..

For how long has you claim been awarded for and when would you have to start all over again..

I have still not heard anything yet, I phoned ATOS yesterday and my claim is still with the auditors so they have now had it for 4 weeks now so no chance of hearing befor the new year..

Good to hear someone has finally got PIP

Have a great christmas

Gentle Hugs

Gilly xx

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