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Good news Fridays!!

Greetings all on a damp and miserable day (in east London anyway). I know most of us are feeling it.

Good news! I wrote few days ago that I had a tribunal for DLA on Wednesday.

I got the lettter this morning and I've been awarded Higher rate mobility till Aptil 2014. No care componant but I don't have the will or energy to appeal that. I'll just wait and re-apply. And how did I celebrate?....... I put the heating on! They have to backdate so I can pay that bill I've been owing for 6 monnths!

Take heart all those going through the same thing. I attended alone and my nerves were wracked. Even broke down in tears at one point, just couldn't hold it back. But I knew I had medical evidence on my side. The podiatrist I haven't seen since Jan even wrote that my mobility was severe.

Get as much medical evidence as you can and remember that they make their decision based on your condition at the time your initial application was turned down. I hope this is making sense. my brain is as misty as the weather today and it's taking ages to get my hands to co-ordinate to my brian. No brain.

I wish you all a positive and uplifted day and many blessings.

Blessed love xxx

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i had care componant and not mobility even though i was on crutches permanatly for yr n half after facet injections! i was awarded it for 3 yrs then last yr not long after ir eneded i have developed fibro well i had it then but not on crutches and i thought it was just my other bone/muscle probsso ii didnt reclaim and now i got to reclaimit went to tribueral last time i wonder if i will again or if they will just award it? anyway of pointa and struggling to type at moment!

congrats and enjoy warmness xxx



Wonderful wonderful positive news... thank you for sharing... made me smile on this cold damn.. yet Thank Fog its Friday good news... ;-)

Hugs and enjoy the heating.. xxxx


so pleased for you sistabless we love good news, are you going to celebrate with a drink ? tea , coffee ? or maybe even a latte ! you deserve it , warm hugs x


Snap I got my letter too this morning, I didn't have to go down tribunal road, I got mine on a review, I got both....sorry you got mobility only, I only got mine until June 2014, I think giving it for 2 yrs is part of cut backs as you cannot get a car so they save on maintenance on cars and insurance. I can get my road tax free also, check yours.

I celebrated by buying some sage capsules for my hot sweats which seem to be one long sweat all day at the moment, I couldn't afford any befor £15,00 for 100, gonna search internet can't keep buying at that price, they do seem to work for me though ,I've got fans on in house all day whic is eating my electric....xx


good luck im pleased for youxxxx


Such lovely news for you and I am so pleased.

Enjoy your weekend :)

E x :)


Thank you all for your best wishes. It's so nice to know that even though many of us are suffering with our own problems, we can still share in the delight of others.

Take care and a blessed day to you all xxxx


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