virtual picnic, my house, all welcome!

virtual picnic, my house, all welcome!

I'm having a virtual picnic in the grounds of my house and everyone is welcome!

the jaccuzzi is ready, the sun is shining and I've opened the never-empty fridge& cupboards :)

there's a beach area too :)

please come and bring your dream partner - mine is Dermot O'Leary 8-)

chose your music and food and enjoy :D


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  • Turns up with brad depp

    I,ve had to combine the two I just can't decide on which I like most not sure if you will like the music.... Muse, the script and snow patrol....

    Throws herself into the jacuzzi and waits for jonny Pitt to bring nibbles and drink.....


    VG the greedy x

  • Having mangaged to get herself caught up in a time machine which made her 30 years younger, breezes in with Corey from the Luminites followed closely by David Walliams, who just happened to be loitering about, this should give us some entertainment and laughs.

    As always bring loads of scrumptious delectables plus a vat of Pimms and all the accompaniments, plus some non alchololic punch for those who can't drink.

    Settles into a very comfy chair and sets Corey and his guitar to play....... Whilst making eyes at David Walliams

    Foggy the younger x

  • Sets up the game twister and lounges back watching San and foggy get entwined with Dermot David and Corey...


  • Turns up with Keanu Reeves shove over vg keanu's getting my nibbles and drink, by the way have stashed some of Debbie Dingles knock off vodka by the bar there's some Gin, Taboo and Perno for those who want it, that's PERNO not Porno having secretly stashed dvds in Sandras dvd collection for a laugh boxes only though don't want to offend . Sithy

  • Oh forgotten to mention non alcoholic drinks in the cold boxes next to the Debbie Dingle vodka :-)

  • Ooooooooow what fun, and I seem to have got something sticking my left ear, is it a guitar? I do hope so :D

  • move away from david - he can't be trusted :-O

  • I,m really hoping that's just a sausage roll in Foggys ear :o

  • Shocked :O

  • Why......? Methinks he goody, am. Wrong????? :8

  • I have popcorn and the sexy French singer from IL Divo, Sebastien Izambard, who is THE sexiest man alive. His voice soothes my very soul, English tinged with the french twang, and when he sings..........OMG I melt. Never heard of them? do a search for Il Divo singing The man you love, or Mama will surely make you cry. Everytime I look at you melts me, Passera cheers me and makes me want to dance.

    Sorry to have gone on, lol I love these guys so much, have seen them live 8 times, the last at the Royal Albert Hall. My dream was to touch Sebbie, I did this at the O2, I held his hand.

    Good party this, just gonna nip out and pick up Stephen Fry/ xx

  • Oh yes you're right VG it was, thank goodness.......takes sausage roll out , leaves twister, putting VG where she was and jumps into the pool with jonny :D :D

  • Oh good nantre, methinks he and David Walliams will provide much funifications, we can have our own version of have I got news for you. Hehehehe :D :D

  • Departs swiftly to pick up Colin Firth, who heard we were having a fun time so he.will be here with ere long ............. yay :D :D

  • Am I too late to join you all? I was searching for Johnny Depp but word has it someone joined him up with Brad Pitt to make two different people....? WHAT! who would do such a thing?

    Anyway managed to get hold of Denzel W and were on our way :-) :-D

  • Please please don't arrive like he did in flight :o

  • Hopefully not! And hide the Vodka he's off it....

  • more cucumber sarnies anyone? :D

    it must be pimms o'clock soon. :)

    hosti-with-the-mostie :P

  • LOL good ole Dermie! I read the title as virtual panic!

  • probably will be later :D

  • Runs round like a headless chicken .... Everyone hide everything I have heard a rumour moffy is on her way over ...... Pulls on disguise and hides with the pimms 8-)

  • Runs round like a headless chicken .... Everyone hide everything I have heard a rumour moffy is on her way over ...... Pulls on disguise and hides with the pimms 8-)

  • I hope Alexander Armstrong has arrived with the pimms!

    there's someone there in disguise, hope it's him "Oh Zander" -

    he's not answering.

    something fishy going on here...

    vg, is that you?

  • Gurgles drunkenly and passes out on top of ....... Somebody........ :-/

  • Hey get off it not enough you stole Johnny on me...well half of him.

  • Actually you can have him he's drunk again and passed out and someone just came in with Sean Bean, time to do some stealing myself ;-)

  • Struggles out from underneath VG.,,,,,,,,,,, it was ME you just flattened 8: dusts herself off and goes in search of Colin :D

  • Snores and dribbles zzzzzzz

  • No change there then VG..... hehehehe ;-) ;-)

  • Am I too late? Bringing yet more Pimms, sausage rolls fresh from the oven, and my arm candy is that delicious Alastair from "Escape to the Country". Planning to slip into the jacuzzi with him and nibble his ear .....

  • Obviously am also 2 stone lighter, wearing my little polka dot bikini .....

  • I'm just waiting for Gerrard Butler to pick me up in his BMW convertible then we'll be on our way to you!! Packed the picnic hamper with lots of goodies, candy floss, hot doughnuts and toffee apples!! Hope there's plenty of Pimms left cos I've run out here!! XX

  • Wakes up in the arms of ......MOFFY .... Put me down...... :x Goes to look for jonny Pitt....

  • Just getting aboard rod stewerts helicopter..had real trouble dragging penny off his leg . Could hear her screaming over the heli. Blades . Bringing food swimsuit and a case of mixed drinks . Got one stop to pick up olly murs please see if you all could till be standing when I get there

  • welcome, please don't and on the llama park, they're abit skittish, use the croquet lawn. :)

  • Will do hope it is not far to wAlk to the party from there ..this box is heavy .. Do i pass the pool may stop for a dip

  • there's the miniature railway... I'll send it round.

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