How to pace myself? Getting better?

My day to day life consists of work then going to an evening meeting three times a week. I sometimes do stuff at the weekends but usually Saturday is my day to recover. I know at my appointments tomorrow I'm going to be frown upon for not doing exercising. But seriously I have no energy left in me to even think about more exercising besides walking to and from work every day. Just walking upstairs exhausts me completely. Not really looking forward to tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I have enormous trouble pacing myself. And walking upstairs is so hard. I would think walking is exercise enough, depending on how much you do. Have you been set any goals?



  • No my hospital appointments have not been happening for a while. grrr. I have one tomorrow and also being transfer to my local, appointment next thursday. Hopefully, helpful things will be getting in motion now as really i am at my wists end and have been for a while now and i have gotten worse and different symtoms have developed. Thanks xx

  • Good evening,I agree with jillylin,sounds like the walking is enough exercise and if you have no energy left to do any more then you can't force yourself.Just be firm with them and tell them that you are doing all you can.Good luck with your appointment xxx

  • Thanks haribo36.

  • Hi Elliedolly,

    You seem to be suffering from a very common Fibro problem Learning How to Pace ourselves. First of all we need to accept our limitations - yours is managing the stairs- I bet you go up only to go to bed or to get something if you really have to. We are all the same it is difficult but we can use the stairs to our benefit . I am not good at them as I also have a serious back condition but I practise a little every day some times I manage to climb them with ease mostly not.

    Ok Pacing and this can be any task you want to accomplish - you decide on the goal and then we are adivised to take little step and achieve it gradually. So day one I am going to reach the gate at the bottom of the drive. With the aid of sticks I can comfortably get a quarter of the way the next day try and go a little further increasing every day till we crack it. Not easy and the harder I try the further away it seems to get but that happens with lots of things.

    Dont push to hard.

    Do remember to congratulate yourself to reward yourself as you achieve these monster steps. Remember it doesnt matter what the goal is it may be getting out of bed or getting dressed .

    I think I have gone on to long hope it helps


  • Thanks gins. Do you work?

  • Oh Elliedolly I wish I cannot stand enough anymore had to sell my shop as I cannot bend carry or stretch so ow I work from home writing childrens books and being as drastically daft as I can manage on here. I refuse to give in thats what I do absolutely refuse to take fibro lying down :) xxgins

  • It sounds like you're doing a lot of work already. Until I reached 58, I worked full time and did evening meetings too, like you. It can be exhausting when you're in good health, never mind when you have fibro! Pacing is very important but not easy to achieve in a full-on work schedule. I live in a bungalow now so that I don't have to climb stairs every day. They are very difficult to manage when you're exhausted and in pain. If people are telling you to exercise more, maybe you could write down all the exercise you get going from one meeting to another etc.? You could be clocking up a lot more than others realise.

  • Thank you Brightside. On my way to hospital now let's see how it goes

  • :( not good gins I work in a pre school which im so struggling in. And at the hospital they still expect me to do more and more. One day im going to crash. I know it.

  • I am going in the new year for a 2 week rehabilation course. Depending on whether my new doc at my local hospital thinks it would be a good idea or not. 900 to 330 daily regardless of pain or triedness. Not quite sure about it, i got to email the consultant with my answer after my appt with the new doctor a week today.

  • Hi Elliedolly, what kind of doctor expects you to work each day, go to meeyings 3nights a week and have any energy left to exercise whilst having fibromyalgia? Find this very odd.

  • Hi Shazzzy not reli sure. Not a v happy bunny tonight :(

  • Have you been confirmed as having Fibro by a rheumatologist or who do you see?

  • Yes after yesrs of doctors saying it was all in my head and that it was growing pains I was finally diagnosis last year with fibro by a rhemey

  • I volunteer in a Nursery and I know how much exercise you get there! I used to be a ballet dancer and I ended up crashing. Hopefully you'll end up seeing someone sensible like I did. I have ended up being encouraged to do less exercise.



  • I am pleased you have found someone who helps you. Hoping for good things at my local hospital appointment next week. Thank you x

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