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How am i meant to sleep?

Sorry for moaning but my knees, hips and ankles hurt so much and ive had all my meds....God i hate fibro! Got such a busy day tomorrow but does my fibro care? no it does not......tomorrow is a massive day for me, my 14 year old son who has Aspergers syndrome leads his football team onto the pitch to play the first of the 3 finals they have qualified in this season ( first club in history!) But my pain wont behave....i feel so angry that the pain is taking the pleasure is should feel away from me and all im thinking am i going to get through the day?

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Mr fibro go away n leave charlii alone u lil thats told him..NOT!!!...Gggrrrrrrrr.i ope the git dosnt spoil wot shud b a lvly memory 2 much n how proud u must b of ur son.we`ll all b clappin n cheerin along wi u(in r eds) as ur son n his team strut their stuff on t the pitch tomz....try not t let that B****** fibro get non of attention tomz...e dnt derserve it lv fm me xx


yeah i know rell me anout it i have managed a full hour and quarter sleep that brings me up to approx 21 hours over 2 weeks lol i feel like a rung out dish rag so i appreciate where your coming from arghhh love tu you diddle x


Thank you guys for your support, its very kind and it means a lot. I will be there tonight shouting and jumping about and will worry about the pain later! Will let you know how he gets on...much love x


MOrning charli,

I do hope you get to enjoy the day, It always rears it ugly head when we want to do something.

I hope you can manage the day, and less of the jumping you!!!!! lol.

HUgs, kel xxxx


Hi all, after 18 years of FMS I finally got some kip and am now sleepin (almost) like a baby! Courtesy of 75 - 100mg Pregablin each night. Might not work for everyone but I felt an immediate difference and get to sleep at least 7 hours. While the kids have been off for easter Ive even been waking up at 7ish, taking my Tramadol, then back to sleep for another couple of hours - bliss! Sleep is so important to your mental health. Only went on the drug in September and it took a few weeks to start having an effect on my joints (about 7 actually), but biggest change was in my sleeping and mood. Made me feel like I can cope with anything my fibro throws at me! x


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