Not really fibro

I don't know if this is fibro related or not.....

Yesterday my younger sister told me she has been fighting cancer for the last 2 years. She had a total hysterectomy for ovarian cancer, but the cancer has now returned to her adrenal glands, small lesions in one of her lungs and a small lesion on her liver. She is receiving chemo and may possibly receive a trial drug. She is, and always has been, a fighter, and she herself says she's not going down without a fight. We haven't really spoken much for the last 12 years; she became estranged from my parents for reasons I cannot understand.

The thing is, apart from the shock and terrible sadness I feel I am in such awful physical pain! My shoulders, my back, my head, I cannot stop shaking, and of course, every now and again I burst into tears.

I just wondered if this is a fibro flare up due to the shock of the news?? I know you guys will have some solution.... XX

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  • Oh sue I am so sorry to hear your news and I completely understand how you feel..take care. It does not matter if you have some tears but dry your eyes it will only make you feel worse. Now have a cuppa and be kind to yourself put your feet up and take care.


  • Hi sue,Iam sorry to hear about your sister.It does sound like a flare up brought on by the news of your sisters cancer.As you probably know,any stress or worry can make fibro symptoms worse.As gins says,take some time out for yourself to rest,relax and be kind on yourself.Sounds like your sister is a fighter sue,gentle hugs to you xxx

  • Hi Sue

    I am so sorry to hear of your suffering and the the reasons for this. Please be kind to yourself and do something for you that will give you a break from both your physical and emotional pain. You are a good person who deserves more.

    Please take care and I will be thinking of you and sending warmth and friendship.

    Ken (the author) x

  • Thanks Ken, I appreciate your warm thoughts XX

  • Hi Sue I am really sorry to hear your news. With this condition I have found anything is possible. My Brother died on the 1st Sept, age 45, very unexpectedly. My parents live in Lancashire so I had to be told over the phone. My reaction was to hear someone screaming and then I realised it was me. Every year I keep saying this one will be better but unfortunately it isn't. You have to focus on something, even if it is something small, and keep going. She has resurfaced back in your life for some reason. I know it is not easy and you have to dig deep but try and think of something everyday to help keep you pushing forward. Good Luck xxx

  • Hi sue really sorry to hear your that for you, I can't imagine where your head's at right now but agree with the others that time out for you to help yourself recharge and regain your strength is a good idea. Once you've done that it may be easier for you to digest the news :)

    Go and indulge yourself for a little while hunny, pampering and relaxation............ maybe buy yourself something nice too to pep you up a bit.

    Huge healing and comfortiing fluffies for you Sue

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • i would say almost def. severe fibro flare, terrible shock to the system. @ times like this, family, no matter what has gone on in the past, need to come together. do your parents know what has happened? highly possible you dont know the full story about the breakup, but now you all need each other. take care xx

  • Thank you all so very much for your warm thoughts. I knew I could depend on you guys for words of comfort. I saw my GP yesterday and told her my sorry tale. She's increased my antidepressants and I told her about Pam, my sister. She said there must be some hope or she wouldn't be offered treatment. That cheered me up a bit. I've just spoken to Pam and she's been able to come downstairs today, she's had a hospital bed delivered, as she says, all singing, all dancing. She also has a riser/recliner chair, which she loves. She says she feels better and not such a recluse!! I think I'm grieving for the time we could have had in the past few years, that we can never get back, and she's younger than me. She's so far away from me too; I'm in North Wales, she's on the south coast, and my health is not good enough for me to travel that distance just yet.

    I'm spending the night with my great friend tonight. She's a widow, like me, and she's such a marvellous lady!!

    I just feel I have been dealt such a shitty (sorry) hand.....I lost my parents and my husband in the last 10 years and I wonder how much more God is gonna throw at me!!! Have I really been such an awful person that I'm being punished in some way??

    I'm sorry to sound so down, and I know there are far more people worse off than me, but knowing you are all there comforts me no end. AND this damn fibro flare up is agony!! I've never had one this bad before!!

    Thanks everyone. XXXXX

  • Sue, I am pleased that you have such a good friend to turn to in these worrying times. I do hope all goes well for your sister and you get more time together to make up, even a little, for the years you have missed. I would echo all of the kind thoughts from previous posters but especially those of gracesgrandma, when she said to try and find one thing each day, no matter how small, to be positive about. I have suffered from depression and anxiety off and on for years and, like you, have many times felt I had had more than my share of bad news and bad luck but it just keeps on coming. I do find that being able to lose myself in something, whether it be a book, a tv programme, a crossword or even just the view from my window just for a short time, helps hugely and reminds me of the good things in my life and it is these small things that, some days, are all that keeps me going, especially when the pain is really bad.

  • Thank you Lruk!! You are so, so right. I've just returned home from my friend's after a wonderful evening and night. She has a little cockapoo named Cassie who is such a darling doggy!! She sat on my lap the whole time, as if she knew I needed cheering up, and all the chatting we did has helped me a lot!! Thank you! XX

  • I'm really pleased for you Sue x

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