Foggy in shock

Goodness gracious me, I have just rung the scary jobcentre to try and postpone an appt I have for this afternoon ......all going well..... you can imagine my shock when the voice on the other end said, "don't you worry, I tell her that darling" ............darling??? From a jobcentre employee.........the world must be even more upside down than I thought, first the bells, then jobcentres calling me "darling " ........think I'd better think it out again................ :o :o

Foggy x

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  • oh dear was it too familiar or just shocking darling!

  • Either was a tad disturbing !! :D

  • Mmmm very disturbing....... yeurgh!! definitely yeurgh! will you still be ok to travel we can pamper you til your feeling better ;)


  • over the phone u cant see the knife in her hand to stab u in the back

  • that has made me laugh, nothing surprises me about that lot.

  • Must've been your voice... he just couldn't resist it ;) xx

  • Santa got stuck up the chimney ra ra ra a r a

    Move along now please

  • I once called the deputy head of the school I was working at darling when he telephoned the classroom - I was mortified with embarrassnent - he just laughed.

  • I am shocked that they were civil to you! And shocked at the terminology. As long as you got what you needed?

    Ken x

  • Well, glad its not just me! The advisor who rang me told me "dont worry, you will get better", and then asked if i had any religious beliefs! I was beyond words! My doctor ended up writing to them to ask them tonot work outside their expertese as they were implying they had more insight than a consultant! Talk about give em an inch and they'l take a mile!..... unbelievable.

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