Good Grief Jobcente help

Good Grief Jobcente help

You will all probably find this completely unbelievable , but in the last few days I was worrying that as I'd been placed in the WRAG that my money would be coming to an end after 365 days, thus I wanted to get hold of my local Jobcentre in Honiton, by phone preferably !! Now as many of you will be aware, your average Jobcentre isn't exactly a place of welcome and good news. Anyway after a lot of ringing of numbers and being irritated by the "sorry there's no one here to take your call at the moment, please call back later" I persevered and lo and behold got hold of the exact person who I had seen 11 months ago. Here's the difference, she could not have been more helpful, and immediately said, "oh yes, I remember you, you have fibromyalgia don't you?" She was so kind assured me that I will have no change in what monies I receive until August 2014. I can't tell you how relieved I am, I was very concerned that it was going to stop any day now, but no !

I wish everyone here had a person at their own Jobcentre who was just like the lady I liaise with, I'm sure you would find the whole thing a lot less stressful, there are at the end of the day some good people working in this difficult and unpopular position and to come out of it being really nice is kudos to her.

Very very thankfully, Foggy x

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  • Great news for you Foggy. You can sit back and relax again, and organise some more tea, or Pimms, parties!

  • What a great idea, though I fear it may have to be the tea, I'll make the scones, being in Devon, Clotted Cream and homemade wild strawberry jam (at least they were very cross as I was gathering them ;-) ) thinly cut cucumber snadwiches, crusts off, homemade teacakes, an orange and pear polenta cake, for those who can't do wheat ;-) and a humongous choccy cake..... How does that sound? And we could of course have crumpets toasted on my lovely woodburner :-). Can't wait, let me know when you're coming for the party :-)

    Foggy x

  • Just watching the Incredible Spice Men, they made cucumber sandwiches with chilli, and the WI liked them!

    I could run up a Guinness cake (very chocolatey and no good for dieters), lemon slices, some cider cake, and a nice hummingbird cake, if I can catch them...

    Looking forward to the Devon scones, especially the wild strawberry jam. Reminds me of picking them with my Dad along the old railway lines when I was little, I can remember that far back too.

    Let us know when and I'll be there!


  • How many hummingbirds to the pound :-) :-) :-) ?

  • Iv just had a letter to say mune has ended after 365 days how did u manage to keep getting it

  • Crissy see citizens advice for benefits assessment. You may get income based full or top up.

  • Hi Crissy, apparently because mine is income based and not contribution based, if you are on contribution based and in the WRAG group it automatically ends as you say after the 365 days, but apparently mine won't be looked at again until August next year. I was so worried it was about to end. perhaps established if you are on contribution based and if not then challenge them on it.

    Wishing you luck

    Foggy x

  • I had a very nice lady that interviewed me in January and I was put in the WRAG group. I recently phoned her about all the changes in my circumstances, as I to was under the impression that my money was only for a year and she was so lovely, She said that I would not be contacted until about November 14 and then I was to phone her and she would help go through all the forms again, or if I wanted to change my mind and try for the support group then she would only be to happy to help me. Mary said she would contact me in 3 months to see what help I want from her. So I agree there are some nice people working there......

    Gentle hugs to you

  • It's so nice to hear your story and that you too have had a really good experience when so many do not. I am sure that with her help you will get the best possible outcome from whichever way you decide to go. Take care gilly :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi all

    Many thanks for sharing your positive dealings with the Job Centre.

    I'm currently awaiting my Tribunal date. The stress and worry of it is making me so much more ill than I already am.

    I know I won't win because I don't need a stick or wheelchair and know I look well, when inside I'm full of so much pain and burning in my muscles.

    I have a shed load of other ailments but I'd be here forever going into all of them.

    I'd love to return to work, but I know for sure I can't do it.

    I've started having numb fingers and toes as well now.

    Anyway, thanks for the positive messages. It was good to read them.

    Hugs to all

    Coz x

  • I have found DWP to be quite good but also arrogant I was trying to claim under income because my contribution had ended. But they insisted that my wife was working over 100 hours a month so we did not qualify even though she works 17 hours a week it never added up and they refused to look at it again. I won my appeal in the end and was put on ESA support but will have to fill in the papers again in another 12 months :(

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