Faints with shock

Faints with shock

Ok so my OH has returned home with the new scales and ....... I am half a stone heavier than I thought I was..... Gahhh this dieting DEFINATELY needs doing..... No wonder my clothes are tight ....gazes at the fruit bowl sadly... How to convince my body that the fruit is as lovely as chocolate and crips and cake. My OH is taking bets with my son how long I am going to stick it..... As he sits by me dunking his biscuits in his tea....telling me I am the same weight as I was 16 years ago.... He's right.... BUT I WAS PREGNANT at the time. I have the willpower.. I have the willpower.. Repeats until her eyes glaze over

VG :(

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  • Dont forget there is a lot of sugar in fruit sometimes a tiny bit of chocolate is better for you! I am not joking I have NASH and the sugars in fruits go straight to my hips. You do have will power lots of will power try and enjoy your change of eating stop calling it a diet some how it doesn't help just change your approach good luck I will be joining you when all my bisquits are eaten :) xgins

  • Oh VG it is hard isn't it? I'm having a struggle with my weight again I lost 3.5 stone last year with slimming world,have put on a stone and a half back on its a killer:( It's the willpower to get going,I can loose the weight it's keeping it off that's the hard part. I can't face going back to sw at the mo as my nerves are too bad to cope with a group of people. My friend suggested to me about trying to stick to healthy eating during the week then having treats at the weekend. Might be worth a go?xxx

  • Ok I am NOT on a diet lets be positive .. Well my stomachs telling me my throat has been cut and I feel like I am on hunger strike BUT my new approach to eating... Yeah that sounds better will get my clothes looser...

    TM I couldn't go to a slimming club, ,,,, I don't like going out in the rain, dunno from one week to the next if I could make it and most importantly I am too broke to pay for classes I may never get to, so am inflicting my suffering on KazF and the forum, at least I am not the only one who feels the urge to change their approach to eating so lets gather up all those unwanted pounds and throw them at LibbyZ when she makes it back here.....

  • I think you can do slimming world, weightwatchers on line. I've been on the yours magazine site and might try it.

    love the new fish!


  • Watch this space ... The fish will transform into a slim ravishing woman.... Yup only if my friend takes over my account .. Well you can't expect miracles.. If I make it to a tadpole I will be very happy

  • VG - you gotta make egg, chips and beans, slimming style!

    Cut yer chips, boil them a minute or two, then drain them, place on a baking tray and spray with light oil (frylite is OK), then bake in a hot oven 'til brown and crispy. Couple of poached eggs, baked beans, saltn'vinegar ...LUVERLY and very filling. This is slimming the easy way!

    Love Moffy x

  • But but .... Oven chips come in a bag frozen ....I can't peel or cut potatoes and my OH looked at me like I was talking Italian when I suggested he use fresh potatoes.... EVERYTHING in our house is frozen fridged or in a tin the only thing fresh is the fruit... I would say the air but OH and son both have slippers off.


    VG x

  • Heehee - imagining pongy male feet!

    You have to get someone in your house to cut up the fresh veg - it's not asking a lot of them, is it? Maybe your son could help out if OH also has problems.

    I think that may be the answer to your troubles. Not that I have anything against frozen veg, but potatoes cooked without fat are very useful to a dieter!

    Jacket potatoes don't have to be peeled or cut - do you like those?

    Yours, finishing up the mince pies .- Moffy x

  • Mmmm jacket potatoes running with butter and cheese and bacon and beans.....

    VG xxxxx

  • Miss out the butter and the cheese - the bacon and the beans are fine! xxxxx

  • Get a chipper from Amazon you can leave the skin on your potatoes, just get OH or son to feed them through the chipper, as it takes a little effort.

    Part cook them, spray with fry light to stop them sticking together, then freeze them on a traym bag up when frozen and pop into the oven like your regular oven chips.

    I got an Actifry for Christmas and have either chips or roast potatoes almost every day now.

  • frozen chips are blanched in oil so have less fat than oven chips.

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