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Morning Everybody today is Wednesday 18th December only 7 more sleeps - I used to love the way

the children counted down in sleeps, some how it makes it more exciting. Now where have we got oh (gathers breadth starts to sing) On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me A Partridge in a pear tree - now I do believe we are up to 7 geese a laying etc etc etc.

Yesterday I had a lovely girl tidying me I cannot find the box with the humor in it so um are there we are.

What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?


What says "oh,oh, oh" now behave remember these are suitable for children

Santa walking backwards!

Doctor Doctor Every body thinks I am a Liar!

DOCTOR "I don't believe you!"

Well lovely friends hope you enjoy today's miscellany do let me know and send your own jokes too!!

And Its Goodbye from Me xxgins

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(((((Gins))))) fluffie cuddles flying super speed to you straight away and I hope they help to ease your pain.

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Morning You and how are you doing hope you are ok Do you see the guys have sorted the site for Christmas with new bits quite useful me thinks :)


So super! gins, that's what it is :)

I'm currently using neck supporting fluffies from nodding off too many times sitting up :o eek!!

Been rudely awoken by noisy neighbour :o Grrrrrrr

But now having chats with my furry babies.................... awwwwwww!! :D ....... they are super cute in the morning

Oh! coffee involved there somewhere too :D

Meds.............. time for meds said zebedee LOL xx


Good morning gins,yipeeeeee,seven more sleeps! Iam excited for my kids and have been busying myself like Santa's little helper wrapping presents.How are you today?xxx


when my brother was little he had a very restless evening and kept getting up.

on the 4th time Dad said he should try and get some sleep or "You'll be tired tomorrow." "Won't" was the instant reply, "we going to butlin's!"

"not 'til saturday" Dad said "and that's 4 more go to beds..."

and that's when it dawned on him what his crafty little son was up to!


Well. now, here I am installed at Barrington for Christmas and New Year. I must say, I'm pleased to have got here in one. Piece, but am shattered by the packing, unpacking etc....anyhow in the spirit of gins' Christmas joviality here are two cringe worthy offerings ;-)

What do you call Santa's little helpers?

Subordinate clauses!

How did Scrooge win the football game?

The ghost of Christmas passed

It's ok, stop groaning now :D

Foggy x


Glad you got there ok hunny :) xxxsianxxx :)


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