Friday the 7th I will just open my advent calendar

nips lively towards the fridge where the caledar is positioned---------- awwwwwwwwwww a lovely little kitten on top of a box wrapped in pretty paper with a simply gorgeous bow. The kitten is spiky but adorable and of course it is for life not just for christmas.

Right that is the rather sweet yukkee bit out the way - what a triumph the joke was yesterday can I find yet another oldie for you all, m I know

q. Why dont Polar Bears eat penguins?

it is surprising isnt it bearing in mind there are so many around , Oh they do oh but not this sort. Talking to myself well to you all is becoming a lovely habit I must say. I find when I am down with a frown on my face popping on here is tremendously helpful. Everyone blogs are interesting and I do try and help where I can.

I will not keep you all in suspenders today the anwer is Because they can't get the silver paper off!

Boom Boom ....

Why do penguins wear silver paper? to keep the Polar bears at bay!

I have been in all week and I think it is time I went out- laughs manically xgins

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  • It's too early to go to the pub Gins, or as you are talking to yourself and laughing maniacally, have you done something to your OH, imagines Gins putting OH in father Christmas suit and making him sit in a festively decorated shed with the sign santas grotty and making him shout ho ho ho to passers by

    VG x

  • I did that last year - this he is too deaf , So he is not Fatha Christmas I wonder who is ..ah I know it must VG OH LOL xgins

  • lol you two make me laugh, i forgot the advent calender! what a plonker never mind, can't be expected to remember everything can I? It is extremely wet and windy by me today, typical as thought I would take the dog for a strole, thinking i may loose my wig if i go out willl have to pin it down lol...hope you both have a good day and Gins if the weather is the same as what we have in Romsley then stay in go out tomorrow...vikki x

  • Is it that bad ooooh I will lite the fire. xgins

  • Hmmmmmm I opened my advent calendar and there was ...a cow... Gazing at a star, I know my Christmas story and I don't remember any cow alone in a field stargazing like mystic marigold.....

    VG x

  • Thanks for the morning giggle.

    I haven't had an advent calendar for years, and I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year, but I find myself looking forward to the daily virtual advent calendar on here, it's a little spark of light in a difficult time.



  • My OH father Christmas don't make me laugh if we went back 100 Years or so ago his favourite saying would be bahhhhh humbug he is most Definately ebeneezer Scrooge

    VG x

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