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Inspired by Vcoke.....will there ever be a treatment that works for all?

I have my own opinion on why things get so bad for us. I could be wrong and I am open to anyone who shares my thoughts or may have different ideas. I think ideas maketh the blog.

As we know Fibromyalgia is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, how much of an imbalance, no one knows and as far as I know it is impossible to measure it, again I could be wrong.

But I am thinking when it all starts, pain meds, new to us, tend to work and for a while work well and then boom, they stop working well. So we get another pain med, and again, it works well. The imbalance in the brain in turn then gets used to this med and decides to work its way around it, thus causing us more severe pain than before. And so on it goes until the time comes, where I am at now, that nothing works anymore and new pain meds are not being manufactured fast enough to deal with things like fibro, and I think this is because not enough is really known, or maybe the funding just is not there to find a viable treatment. Or maybe by some in power we are deemed an unworthy cause for a proper scientific intervention, although I know some scientific studies will be happening, just not fast enough. I do not know, but what I do know is that people like us are suffering an invisible illness. An illness that has labels such as 'all in your head' or making a mountain out of a mole hill' and many more. What works well for some does not work at all for others. We are afterall, all different.

I have always said the brain works in weird and wonderful ways and as far as I can see, the more we hit it with different meds, the harder the brain fights it, so in turn, we get worse, a viscious circle with no apparent end. Proved time and time again when we think we are doing well.


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Hi Ozzy

what a great post , pretty much sums things up

I like to think there is light at the end of the tunnel but i have always been an optomist well until the depression strikes

What gets to me is that it always seems to be " part of the condition " to the medics , no matter what it is

I think fibro has been around for decades or longer as i remember older members saying about thier rheumatics playing them up in the cold weather , in fact i can remember the Dr telling my Mum i had rheumatism as a child

Take care xx J


I oftenw onder will science ever get to the bottom of it hun xxxxxx


My thinking is that we have a sensitvity to certain things. The body's reaction to the chemicals cause our symptoms. For me the gut allows toxic chemicals into the blood steam sends them round the body, into organs and crossing the brain barrier. Normal chemical functions can no longer happen as they should.

Adrenals, thyroid, spleen, liver etc are affected just as much as the brain. All systems become intermittently sluggish causing pain and exhaustion.

My thinking is that medications work initially but quickly become part of the toxic problem. The toxins build up over time and a doctor's response is to give more or change the type of toxin.

For me I think sensitivity to caffiene, aspartame, msg, yeast dairy and nightshades has built up over 50 years and affected my immune system and limbic brain function as well as adrenal function. Its broken my stress responses.

We grew up on milk and potato and bread They are healthy staple foods unless the body can't use them in a healthy way. I also can't tolerate too much meat. I have fish.

I was aware of my daughter's dairy sensitivity from birth because it was visable. (eczema) My son is now 27 and has developed IBS which is obviously down to dairy. He's had a 27 year build up which now affects his blood pressure, makes him tired and gives him pain. He suffers anxieties ! I hope that changing his diet now will stop full blown fibro affecting his life.

My brother is caeliac. Same illness, different toxin sensitivity. We're all different.

I think science is missing the build up effect over time, and the gut-brain involvement. I read that 80% seratonin is stored on the gut ! if my brain can't access that seratonin the effects will soon become obvious, upsetting the effect of other chemicals such as dopamine and cortisol. Medication can add more seratonin, but if it to ends up locked in the gut it won't help for long......and if the gut does release it intermittantly it will be at overdose levels.

It's now up to my son to work out what his other toxins are. He stops foods because they hurt. I can't tell him what to eat. He's a grown man. But I wish someone had been able to tell me at his age what the long term effects would be.

Well that's my thoughts x



All replies are taken in with an open mind and I think our thoughts should be put to good use xxxxx


I think i will stick to being a Unique Enigma lol xx


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