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answers from my doc ????

Hi I was at my rheumatologist on Friday , and he was saying that he went to a seminar in America for fibro . and there is a treatment of enectrobs to the brain that seems to be getting some good results . and he is trying to bring it over here . and if he does would I like to go in the trial , well I snapped his hand of and I don't think Mr Chiu has any one so exited , so hay ho that was my week end . so what do I do dreaming of getting rid of this shitty thing . so I need to come back down to earth , and put it out of my mind because if it does not come or if it does it does nothing for me I will be devastated so soft hugs to everyone out there and hope you all have a good nights sleep tonight

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I hope it does x


Aww,bless ya! And you to Hun :) let's hope that you can have that trial,let us know how it goes xxx


Hi kath, I have heard reports about this new treatment with electrodes, which sounds interesting, I would want there to be some substantial trials and proofs before going for it, but I know how appealing the thought of a cure can be, I'm sure Mr Chiu was good and understood your excitement.

Let's watch this space ;-)

Foggy c


W hatch this space indeed! Hope for an ending .


Sounds like it could be a good thing Kath, but like foggy, I would want to know how well it works and are there any side effects, But I pray with all my heart that it does work for you Kath, will keep looking out for your positive posts, so I repeat what gins and foggy say "watch this space " how marvellous would that be Eh! getting excited just thinking about, lol ......Dee xx


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