Strange feeling in feet

Please tell me if I am posting too much. Just lately the shoe on my right foot feels uncomfortable as if there is a pressure there. I have to take my socks off they are uncomfortable. I feel a bit of a fraud because the pain is not unbearable but uncomfortable and annoying. My nerves feel alive causing pain in my muscles. I am having trouble seeing a GP, it will be at least 6 weeks. Don't know if I am on the right site. Thanks for listening

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  • Hi Holly,

    yes, i get that. Lots of us do. I used to teach ballet in my bare feet because I couldn't bear any pressure on my feet. There are things that will help so don't be afraid of asking your GP for help.



  • Hi holly, do you have fibro? You're certainly on the right site for support and care. Why so long to see a GP? 6 weeks seems crazy x

  • I often feel as if my feet are swollen.

  • Hi crop. Not got a diagnosis yet. One of the doctors is lovely, the other one is a real tosser. Naturally the good one is always busy. Refuse to see the other one because he is so arrogant. Who do these people think they are. They are just doing a job like the rest of us

  • My legs and feet both swollen with fluid docs still trying to work out why after 12months, I haven`t been able to stand shoes or socks on my feet for many years although I have only been diagnosed for a year. Sometimes the sole of my feet burn asthough Iv`e walked on hot metal so badly it feel as though they are blistered and I have to stick them in cold water....Do not feel a fraud a lot of the time my pain is not unbarable, what tends to grt to me ts the effects of the pain fatigue Ibs ect,, alltogether....Sue.oh and welcome

  • I went up to size 8EEEEEE at my worst (I was a 6.5 EE), they're almost back to normal now and I think the improvement is related to moving to a low carb, grain free diet - not sure whether it's the carbs or a reaction to a specific food I no longer eat. The burning I haven't sorted yet but does appear to be better than it was. Worth a try?

  • My feet aren't swollen, just feel like they are. Hope they sort them out soon

  • Oh well I totaly cocked up the last post ,think i`ll go find my brain its gone again.

  • Can you check for mine whilst yr there. My mum says behind the fridge.....she always looses stuff there!

  • No, never feel that! Everyone's symptoms are different. Hang in there! X

  • Thanks to you all. Trying to relax now. Am reading mrs browns boys, need to cheer myself up

  • Re new shoes , I love my doc martins boots ,wide fittings comfy and fashionable in lovel colours now too.

    Mine are ankle boots they not been off my feet only to go to bed lol

  • Thanks for this Twinks, I always thought doc martins were very narrow fitting and have avoided them but I will look again if they come in wide fittings. Linda

  • Hi Holly never worry that is why we are here to talk over any problems that are making our lives horrid. Feet have a particular way of ensuring our day goes from good to bad. Good shoes is a must they dont have to be frumpy any more but they need to be supportive and a good fit. We only get the one pair of shoes for life ie feet so listen to them they are echos of our body. The fascinating reading of feet links different areas to our organs so if you have problems get checked . It is always great to have New shoes :)


  • Hi, I get alot of pressure in my feet but maybe that's because I also have Lymphedema and my legs and feet are very swollen. I can't wear socks either and can only wear wide fitting shoes but then I can't walk more than a few steps with my stick anyway and use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter to get around outside. Is the long wait to see your designated GP? I have problems getting to see mine and have too see others in the practice if I need to be seen sooner or request an emergency visit by calling on the day but then I have to get someone to take me as it takes me an hour on my scooter to get there. I hope you can get an earlier appointment. Good luck!


  • hi i get a lot of problems with my feet as i have peripherial neuropathy caused by malnutrition its agony to walk at first it was like walking on sharp glass now its a lot worse i have lost the muscle tone in the top of my legs but i have osteophorisis and fibromyalgia i have tried to get an electric wheelchair as i keep having falls but i have been turned down ,a lot of symptoms come from fibro i found a site that gives you all the symptoms of fibro if you google 100 symptoms of fibromyalgia you wont have them all but it help to know ,good luck .

  • Hi mason

    Isn't awful trying to get an electric wheelchair! My brother who had both legs amputated, severe neurophay, muscle wastage and decreased strength in both arms was turned down for one. Within a week he died of a heart attack aged 45. I'm convinced his death was attributed to the strain of trying to use his manual wheelchair. Hope you get some help xxx

  • hello i am so sorry that your brother died at such a young age he definatley should have been given an electric wheelchair neuropathy is agony and also having fibromyalgia i have a lot of falls i also have asthma i get out of breath plus osteophorisis i have had a lot of falls i get scared that i could break a bone it can be very exhausting trying to propel my wheelchair i have lost my independance i cant go out alone my husband has to take me everywhere i am so angry i think you are right that propelling a wheelchair can cause strain to the heart i am so sorry and thank you for replying take care of yourself ,xx

  • For years bpnow i really can bear to wear shoes with backs, i dont go out much so i dont try and find any now as i have a pair of flipflop style Fit Flos and they are nice and spingy. Oricy buy are very comfortable. Only issue though, most of theirs are for narrower feet.

    I am only size 5, a six is miles too big in any design, and i have extra whide feet.

    I have a pair f backless trainers by pavers i think they are but all through the tear unless someone coukd manage to put some boots on for me, then take them off because i cant. Its the only time i will have my feet enclosed. I dont know if it is a fibro thing or is it just me? Any oppotunity to me move my shoes i will! Xxx

  • Hi Holly,

    I can understand what you mean about feet feeling uncomfortable. My feet aren't swollen but they feel very tender most of the time and individual toes feel strange. I get a lot of pain in my ankles without much swelling. I was diagnosed with fibro in June and GP tells me these strange sensations that come and go in my ankles and feet are part of symptoms. Hope you can get a GP appointment soon. Take it easy!

  • Hi Jayne I get a lot of pain in my ankles, just wish I could get a diagnosis

  • 6 weeks does seem a terribly long time to see your GP. I also have problem feet as they are wider than average and I need shoes with a thick sole because the soles of my feet are almost always sore and thin soled shoes just make the pain worse. I was previously a bit of a shoe addict because being overweight I can't get clothes in any shop but I didn't have the same restrictions with shoes, now I can barely shop in the high street, even on days I am fit enough to get there. Oh the joys!

  • I also have problems getting clothes and shoes to fit, so I have succumbed to the "if it fits, buy 10 of them" :-)!

  • I'm with you on this one!

  • Hi Holly

    Hope the GP appt goes well. Let us know what they said. I have problems with my feet too - I had a few years where they would itch and get hot, and the Gp couldn't work it out, but then I found it got worse if my feet had got cold first, and then my feet started swelling when they heated up, so she said it could well be Reynards. Last year wasn't so bad, but when it does start up, I find moving around a bit helps, so that's probably why it gets worse at night when my feet are up in bed.

    I did find a cold water bottle helped in bed, although it sounds silly, especially in winter, so that could help someone out there if you don't mind looking daft!


  • I find that wearing soft soled clog type shoes helps if my feet are being weird - for me, this could mean anything from 'fizzy' pain, tingly itching, major twitching/jumps, just plain hurting like hell and the all new this week one hot one cold and then the other way around and back again! Before I get into bed I basically need to maul them back into some kind of order by stretching my toes over forwards and backwards as hard as I can, squish the foot bits with my hands and stretch my achilles tendons so that I don't spend the entire night with restless legs/feet. Even so, it happens anyway to an extent, but I'm about to try drinking tonic water before bed which I'm told may help too. I wish you well.

  • Magnesium citrate is good for restless legs - well it worked for me at least, but if you google it, it may tell you a bit more :-)

  • Thanks Glenys - I've looked it up and it certainly looks worth a go. Thanks for taking the time to suggest it. x

  • You can get it in Holland n Barrett a a fair price. Mind you get the citrate however rather than the oxide, as the latter can give you the runs as it doesn't absorb as well.

  • My feet have become very heavy and the soles are so sensitive that I cant walk without soft socks/slippers at home also get a funny pulling/spasm in my toes, swollen toes most days. Npt to forget.... feet always cold.

    Lizz x

  • Hi there, i had a very strange feeling on the bottom of one, foot, i nearly destroyed a pair of shoes because i was convinced there was a lump on the insole. It comes and goes with strange sensations in odd toes, but doesn`t hurt. Hope you get some help x

  • When I walk I feel like my feet are tensing up, hard to explain. Thanks for all the advice. I am sure I would fail an MOT

  • I have a lot of issues with my feet, too.

    They're constantly numb, worse in the toes, but, although I didn't realise it until my doc checked it out, the numbness goes all the way up to my knees. My GP thought it may have been peripheral neuropathy, but it's not, as my neurologist said that would be more symmetrical, whereas it affects my right side more.

    I have a reflex issue, which he wants to look into more, as the reflexes should go both sides either up or down, but I have one foot that goes up, and one that goes down. He is perplexed.

    I also have reynauds, which means they're pretty much always cold, and of they aren't, they're burning hot and prickly and itchy. I've found that mousturising them morning and night helps.

    I also have tendon issues, where all my tendons feel as if they're going to snap, so my ankles and toes are stiff and sore, although stretching and massaging them does help enormously.

    As if that's not enough, I have plantar fasciitis as well, which means a lot of pain, and on top of all of that I have restless legs and shooting pains and spasms in my legs and feet (as well as other areas).

    I have special insoles made for me, but they are a bit rubbish, as the little add-on bit that the biomechanics doctor added on to them keeps coming loose/shifting, making them terribly uncomfortable. I don't drive, so I walk a lot. Comfy shoes with ample arch support are a must.

    I prefer to go barefoot, but seeing as I'm always so cold, I've taken to wearing thick socks and heavy boots in an attempt to keep at least some warmth in my feet!

    I hope you get some help from your gp, and at least you know you're not alone!

  • I have plantar as well. My doc said it shouldn't cause pain. What are your views on it. Thanks, take care.

  • Hi all :) I use ugg boots, I have a pair that come to my ankle and another that come to mid calf. The sheepskin keeps your feet cool if it's hot and hot when your feet are cold, they are wide fitting and a thick sole, I would be lost without mine. They are expensive but worth every penny. Hope this helps xxxx

  • Hi pennie, just order myself a pair, also considering a pair of bed socks

  • Weird stuff happens with FM. I am afraid this does sound like one of the symptoms so yes you are in the right place. 6 weeks to see a Doctor! Unheard of. Where do live? Some remote island? Try stroking your foot as if brushing the feeling off. It works for the feelings I get in my legs. Very little pressure. I've had to change my footwear so I have support without pressure, no heels. Okay with trousers. Not so good with skirts.

    Soft hugs

  • We have 2 doctors in our practice. One is great the other one is a real tosser. Unfortunately the good one gets booked up but I refuse to see the other one he is so rude

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