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Strange feeling in my head

Recently I keep getting a strange sensation in my head. It sound like a shuffling sound or as if something is being shaking in my head. sounds the same as opening a fizzy drinks bottle. It only last a few seconds at a time, but it makes me feel slightly off balance. it happens if I am tired or in a lot of pain. And can last all evening. Even if I lie down and move it still happens. I was off work on annual leave and I rested all week until Friday when my husband and I went shopping, in the evening I was tired and the head started. It is do strange. I don't want to go to my GP. he will start to think I am a hypocondriac ( is that how it's spelt)

Any one suffers with the same problem,or any ideas what it could be?


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Hi harmony94

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this and it really does sound quite unpleasant. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem. It could be the result of so many different things that it is very difficult to guess what is causing it? It could be Fibro, or side effects to medication, or blood pressure or something completely different?

It may be best to discuss this with your GP or Medical Specialist just to get other things ruled out? I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I can understand the reluctance to go to GP with another new thing but sometimes you have to. Has anything else changed recently? Are you pacing as well as you can?

I had strange sensations and caused by medication I have headaches caused by cinnamon.

Gentle hugs and hope you find something to help soon.

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It could be a ear infection. Or tinitus.ask gp to check your ears to..mine make strange noises at times.... x


Hello there , hope your well . I too have experienced exactly the same thing , the way you describe it is really the way it feels to me , I too have sat there in wonder thinking what a very weird sensation , I've kinda got used to it , or rather it doesn't scare me as it used to , and it does happen when I'm really tired . It happens to me on my left side kind of near the top but slightly lower down x I haven't been to my Gp either , I am on medication for fibromyalgia I was diagnosed about eighteen months ago x hope this helps a little so u don't think your the only one , as your msg has helped me x take care x x



I get this & when I was first experiencing illness it was very extreme (I was worried to go out in case I flaked out!). My gp at the time suggested it maybe inflammationn of the fluid around the scull & gave me meds that helped a bit.

At this point I had no tests or diagnosis & was whizzing around like crazy getting on with general life, opposite to pacing . This tingling sensation, a bit like sherbet , with weird sensation,is still their virtually all the time. No Dr has bothered with it.

Not now so extreme but there gets worse if having bad time.

I also get bad tinnitus but my ENT Dr did not relate these two things together.

If you find out anything let me know please.

I am diagnosed CFS/ME/FM, pituitary micro adenoma, atrophy thyroid.


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I think that it may be caused by stress. I get a buzzing sensation when tired and tense. Try relaxing all of your muscles, including your scalp and see if that helps.

Still mention it to your doctor as it may not be the same as mine.


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Thank you for all your replies. It makes me feel so much better to know I am not alone. I will probably see the doctor just to be on the safe side. Thanks all have a good day.


I have tinnitus (mine is a buzzing sound like a radio tuned OFF the station), but sometimes also have a sound I would describe as rapid fluttering of insect" wings ... not that there really is an insect in my ears, but just feeling/hearing the noise! Has anyone ever experienced that, or had a doctor explain it away?


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