strange area s of discomfort/sensation

for the past couple of days i have had a very strange uncomfortable sensation that reminds me of when i had shingles (i am quite sure it s not shingles on this occassion). it s odd to describe-it s on the top of my thigh (back)and today moved to front of thigh. it s senstitive to touch and feel s almost as if it it burning. very odd. i do recall have this before. i am sure it fibro related ..but why and what is it

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  • I would say it is defo fibro related. It is just the way our brains react to things like this I'm afraid. I also get it where I have freezing cold patches. It will ease off hun xxxxx

  • thanks i though it was. it so odd as 9 days ago i bladder and bowel repair-during the intial recovery i had no fibro pain

  • i have had this today. a burning pain right at the top of the back of my thigh a real strange sensation and where i couldn't sit down had to get up and move about

  • This is called Restless Legs Syndrome apparently. Wear pjs inside out, raise your legs from your knees down so your thighs are off the bedding. This helps me.

  • Isn't it fun?!! this fibro stuff never a dull moment. Just when you think you have one thing licked another crops up and another...perhaps we should think of it as the illness we can never get bored of finding new solutions? No? - thought not, am ducking as I type. I call i-t the drama queen illness as its likes to over re - act! Just my way of trying to deal with it. Yes I agree that the tingling / burning is likely to be fybro related - hope its not too painful / tiresome for you. Lots of good wishes for a peaceful and as painfree as possible Christmas.


  • I like and appreciate your sense of humour, very useful with FM. My way of coping is counting myself as a FM survivor not victim. After all, every time it knocks me down, I recover. Maybe some time later, but I do recover, so that makes me a survivor right?!

    I have had this sensation. Its not nice but not something to worry about. I get it every night and my doctor has upped my Amitriptyline which has helped. My thighs are the key area for this.

  • i was aware of it throughout the night again. it s been a few days now

  • Hi moss, I really feel for you, last time I had that symptom it lasted a couple of days.I had to walk around in my nickers as I couldn`t even bear the wait of my clothes which kept me in and out of mischief at least. ;-))

  • I mean weight, it`s FibroFog the return !!!

  • heeeeeeeeeeee

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