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Tired of it?

Hi to all, My name is Kim aND I sufFer from fibromyalgia for about 20 year's. However, now it is to the point that I don't think I could work. I am unable to do anything continuously anymore, I can't have my hands in front or over my head except for a few seconds otherwise the pain starts. The stupid things 5hats bring about pain are ridiculous. I am so frustratrated. I haven't worked since 12/03/2013 and been fighting ssdi since. Ready to give up. They look at me and don't see anything wrongoing so end of case... depressed and angry. Thank you

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Hi Kim, Keep going. You're doing great. We can only do so much.

Clumsy 🎀


Hello and welcome

To our lovely forum it is good to her from you good or bad days we are here to support you.

There are so many lovely supportive people here.

Your fibro may not be seen by some but it is real and it is extremely paid full.

Acceptance is never easy so be kind to yourself and give yourself time. Being angry at the ignorance of others is normal.

Please take a look at our mother site

You will find a great deal of I formation on there. Also on homepage are some pinned post in bluE.

There is Information on locking your posts to atop access to social media and world wide web. Also information on navigation etc

Good luck on your journey my friend and love and hugs


Keep going you can do it believe it or not you're stronger than you think

3 and a half years I fought and finally won you can do it ❤️


Kim my heart go's out you. ((hugs)) we all understand how you feel.

I think its natural to feel how you do but if your feeling very low or depressed which given the circumstances is again natrual. May I suggest it may help to talk it over with your GP.

I would like to wish you a very warm and friendly welcome to the group. This is a great place to come when looking for support. Please feel welcomed xx


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As Fibro is different in everyone Nomorefibro may I suggest that what works for one possibly would not in another? Cause of Fibro is not food intolerance only if at all. Research in USA and else where has defined virus, trauma or stress.There are hypothothese/research projects regarding where/how people feel pain. A balanced diet regardless of conditions is recommended unless specific foodstuffs have been clinically to cause symptoms.


Hi Kimbeau . Could you tell us please what country that you are in, only i dont recognise `ssdi` My guess would be that it is some form of benefit We are in the uk and not up on US? benefits.

We do however have fibro friends on the site who are in the US. Stay with us. one of them may be of more use to you than i am. :)

Welcome to the site. Sue.


Hi Kim, a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can find help, support, advice and understanding.

Hopefully our friends across the seas will be able to help you further as we have little knowledge of how your system works. However, you have all our support and hope that any problems about benefits are worked through quickly and satisfactorily.

You can find more information about fibro through our mother site .

Hope this helps.



Hi Kim sorry your'e suffering and I can sympathise . I know it's tough don't beat yourself up about it . Fibro is not for cissies no way shape or form . I have had fibro all my life from 12 years old and it hurts but I found for me sitting about worrying over did not change the pain and made me miserable , I know where you are at , I have been where you are .

I had to stop work because I couldn't cope , but on the bright side I had 3 children , I'm a good friend I have married my soulmate so a lot of positives . You have to grieve and when you have I promise you it will be better . The pain will still be there and the fatigue but I found having a hobbie a great distraction . Hope you feel better soon . X


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