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Morning everyone, can anyone give me advice, I was told I have diabetes 4 yr ago, so needed to loose weight, so diet started, I have bad hips so can't walk very well, so started swimming to help loose weight, well took 2 yrs and I lost nearly 4 stone, but then I started with all the these pains in morning, in all joints had a few dizzy spells, my neck and shoulders kill and my feet very sensitive to bed clothes resting on floor even aggravates me, and was so tired all time, and the thought of going swimming 😩Just didn't have the anergy, so weight started to come back on, well 2 st of it did, I still cut down on food, but can't loose the weight again, I put this down to not swimming I'm just not burning the calories, was going to go swimming this morning but just cannot get my head into it, I'm just so tired, o I also have sleep apnea, and on a apap machine, As anyone else been like this and how to get out of this feeling of beening exhausted all the time, thanks.

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Hi shazz1977

Unfortunately these can be related to the fibro but always better to check with your GP especially if there are new symptoms.

Try the website for symptoms check just to be on the safe side. I often feel exhausted unable to sleep but just had my gabapentin up as symptoms are getting worse. It is definitely better to check with the doctor first.

Good luck my friend


Thanks, I will have a look, 👍I'm on pain patchs butrans 10 mg, because other pain killer make me to sleepy, or feel sick, so I find these better, but thanks again.


Hello Shaz1977

What you are describing do appear to be Fibro symptoms.

However, as you have said that there are many other conditions that have similar symptoms.

Fatigue plays a very large part in Fibro. My fatigue is painful if that makes sense?

I have Fibro & ME so have a double whammy!

Do you think you may be slightly depressed? Please don't take offence at my question.

Being in pain and feeling fatigued 24/7 is enough to make anyone feel slightly depressed.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend

Lu xx


Yes I do know what you mean, and yes I do feel sorry for myself at times😂 and sometimes it gets me down😩, my mind is willing but the body says no chance, 😂 I think I'll go back to doctors next wk, and get something for my feet, they feel like there on fire at night, I don't know where to put them, it's driving me mad, Hope you feel better soon, think you,


Your story is exactly the same as mine!! Last September I was diagnosed with diabetes and told to lose weight. I thought this was the answer to most of my health issues. Then diagnosed with sleep apnea (21tmes an hour whilst sleeping) given a cpap mask. Thought I would never get used to it. I lost 2 stone and then everything went downhill. Pains in my neck,collarbones, hips and calves. Exhausted all the time. Christmas came and the diabetes had reversed. So fed up and stupidly put weight back on steadily. Looking back over my life every time I have lost weight it has usually made me ill. I also get dizzy and get migraine with aura

After reading your post I'm now wondering why this is. X


Hi sorry to here you not well, how is your diabetes, have you got it under control, I'm doing ok with that, yes you sound just the same, I need to loose this weight tho, it's just so hard when you not got the energy, think swimming my best answer if I can only get there 😂I'll see what tomorrow brings mite feel well enough to go swimming, then just have to keep it up. Xx


My way of escaping exhaustion is juicing. It really addes energy for me. Apple Cider Vinegar with mother drinks with Lemon and raw honey and water has kept me from getting really exhausted and ache. Not sure how it helps but it has multiple benefits. I have recently increased my MSM organic sulfur and it seems to be helping.

I seem to be dealing with inflammation and maybe other things my body needs to expell. As myofascial release techniques seem to help even more.

I do get exhausted when i let my nutrition slip. I am horrible with my diet. I will be awesome then horrible within a24 hour period i try but dang it, i live. :)

My road will be bumpy and long but i will learn many lessons on my way. :)

Im also always testing how much things help and I've been slacking on my ACV and i think the MSM might be loosening muscles i have been struggling with for years. I still do my ACV every couple days. But i use myself as a ginea pig to see what helps with my issues.

I would say if you are like me try, juicing stretching, massage, myofascial release, Apple Cider Vinegar with mother drinks, MSM organic sulfur, what grass tablet or Spirulina tablet. Not all at the same time of course. But we are all different.

My journey with fibro, I'm not sure if it is the usually one or if it is not one that is helpful.

Anyways, i hope you find something to help yourself find the energy.

Take care×××


Hi thanks for your help, just need o know what some of the things are, ie MSM, ACV,organic soulful,grass tables,spirulina, I'm a newbie you see, and still learning, thanks x


Msm is organic sulfur.

ACV is apple cider vinegar with mother

Wheat grass tablets- wheat grass is a grass that has a lot of nutrients (sorry not capable of looking at the bottle right now. )

Spirulina tablets- Spirulina is an algae. (Also lots of nutrients)

Organic sulfur is a mineral (? I think) I get my bottle of pills of it from the local health food store, i only go with trusted&tested brands. Organic sulfur can be found in some foods but much like magnesium we are all supposed to be low in it. It helps cells process and do their job correctly.

Research them and see if


O right, I'll defo look everything up now, thank you,


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