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Tired tremendously

Hi all

This tiredness is brutal ..hit me two days ago and I've been just sleeping earlier than ever.

I feel if I don't lay down I may fall down ..Sound usual!! This us really new to me .I hope this goes away or subsides..it nsjes you so tired.forcing myself to stay Wake.

Remember awhile back I told you all about my husband not Being to kind or understanding. Well guess what!!! He asked me to leave ..I'm sad and disappointed by all this .I moved this weekend and I'm all set up.

I'm trying to understand what did I do... I'm praying for strength to carry on and hope one day he'll understand.

I'm still managing the apartment complex but I.m now on my own after 23yrs.

I know right its scary but I thank God for this site.I hope I do get some energy levels back real soon.

Is this something that may subside.

Thanks for listening.



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Hi sweetdreams1234

I want to genuinely and sincerely express my pain and sorrow for the break up of your marriage, and my heart and my dreams truly go out to you. I know that I cannot say anything to you that will take away your pain and your sorrow but please take care of yourself and try to stay strong.

I will be thinking of you and sending you positive and caring thoughts.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Oh thanks ken

Just your response is comforting I'm trying so hard to keep my strength.

I'll keep pulling along and hope in due time I'll make done sense of it all.

God bless.

Barb.the hurt will hopefully soon subside xx


I am so sorry to hear your news and i am not surprised that your body has rebelled Stress and grief added to the extra work that the break up involved is enough to throw any one into a flair.

I truly hope that it will soon subside. meanwhile take it as easy as you can and give youself time to heal. Remember it it not your fault. you did and are doing all you can.

Lots of hugs sue.


I'm so sorry about your marriage. I can relate to the tiredness, I find at times of huge stress and sometimes for no reason I get like u describe, it will pass just give in to your body and rest as much as possible. Sending big hugs xx


Hi Barb,

I'm so sorry to hear of your relationship breakdown, unfortunately not a lot of people understand fibro & how it affects us, your tiredness is most likely due to tje fact you've been running on adrenalin, setting up new apartment & working while coping with the personal disruption, now everything organised your body has shut down, you just need to sleep when your body dictates, hopefully it is short term, I know it's hard but don't let your relationship breakdown get you down, as you suffer physically & it then gets into a routine of emotional upset - fibro flare up - emotional upset & it goes on, try thinking you are better off without "husbands" negativity & lack of understanding, swap negativity for positivity & it will help you recover from tiredbess & pain, I have gone through a relationship breakdown though not through not caring or understanding of my condition, as I suffered with it when we met. Wishing you all the best, gentle hugs Honor xx

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Oh, Sweetdreams that is so sad. It grieves me that the very people who should support us turn out to be the worst enemies. It looks like the writing's been on the wall some time.

Stress aggravates a lot of conditions and autoimmune are not exempt. As Sue says, it's NOT your fault, and you need to look after yourself. Put YOU first. Re prioritise. I did it in similar circumstances (I was left with a stroppy teenager, unhelpful colleagues and a night shift - hardly a recipe for a successful single parent). It took time and was hard but I eventually came to terms with it.

When you get time to rest, do so. Don't let that little chore dominate you. It might not seem to help, but it does, you'd be worse otherwise. You need all your strength to get through this. To be honest, from what you've said before, you're better off without. Sadly we don't always want to hear that.

Positive thoughts and support to you xx

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Throwing you a handful of star dust to light a dark corner. Here catch.

Take it easy and take care.


Love this response .... so visual and inspirational 😊


Barb I'm so sorry he as asked you to leave my partner has stayed away since I found out recently that I have this condition, it is hard but stay as strong as you can you need to care about yourself now. I'm very new to fibromalgia and this site so don't really feel I can comment much apart from to say it Hurts! But it is great to feel there is support here, so thanks to you all for making me so welcome xxx


Hello Sweetdreams1234,

Just a few thoughts that came to me while reading your post;

1. Thank you so much for sharing what you're going through with us - I sincerely hope that a problem shared has definitely been a problem halved in some way.

2. It's often difficult for us to see the wood for the trees when we're deep in a difficult or dark place. We don't know what we've done to deserve it, and feel really sorry for ourselves. More recently, I've started to look at things in a different way. I ask myself what I need to learn from the situation and how I can use my experience to help others - you're already doing something like that by sharing with us.

3. What would have happened if you'd stayed with your husband? As bad and as painful as separation and divorce is, it can be by far and away better than staying and being in a mentally, emotionally or physically abusive partnership - we often don't know what we're being SAVED from.

4. Once you've got over this flare, you might find that your life actually starts to change in ways you hadn't imagined - often for the better. As many have already said, the recent move and months of stress is taking a toll on you but it will pass. You have already demonstrated the courage it takes to look after yourself - despite this awful condition, recognised the benefits of sharing with us and taking the first few steps into a new - hopefully brighter future.

I personally applaud you and feel encouraged by your candid description of your circumstances, thoughts and feelings. I have felt encouraged and inspired.

Looking forward to hearing how things go from here, how living apart impacts your finances and how your Fibro impacts your new life. All the very, very best wishes and prayers for your continued resiliance and courage.


I can't believe your husband asked you to leave, did he give a reason, he should have left not you?? You are a woman so I am sure you will cope and get on with things, you will see the day of him I am sure, it makes me really mad and hope that your tiredness gets better, I have good days and bad days with tiredness, have been ok this week but you watch, it will probably hit me now lol Hope you have a good day and the future gets better x


Snap, apart from the dreaded fog i have been having a reonablr week, So nutter that i am have been spending my time catching up on jobs around the house. collection of coloured glass vases to wash today and i think that i hav cought up.

Gardne next. makeing hay while the sun shines. because sooner or later i will have to be punished. :P :P


Be careful as you most definitely will be punished!!


My heart goes out to you I know from reading your posts that your relationship was not a happy one but after all this time it must be a terrible wrench. I can't understand why he has asked you to leave when it is him who is in the wrong, have i missed something in one of your posts.

I can imagine that this terrible fatigue is your bodies way of protecting itself and as far as possible I would just go with the flow and try to be gentle with yourself. Take as much rest as you can and leave all the chores that don;t have to be done until a time your body feels it has more energy.

I am sure inside you are actually very strong and will come through the other side and might actually feel in the end that this was something positive as now you can concentrate all your energies on you and getting as good health wise as you can be as you won;t have the contiunous mental strain a bad relationship must bring.

Sending you healing vibes and hugsx


Rosewine Go with the flow mantra had become lost in the fog. Thanks for the reminding.

Tis the only way

Go with the flow

A marvellous energy saving mode.

Switching over right now.


I'm so sorry your husband has asked you to leave. It is SO hard trying to downplay the pain and keep going just to try and show willing. You may well find that when the trauma of leaving and moving is over and you have settled down you will feel more relaxed physically and emotionally and that you will start to feel better. I do hope so, I try to keep out of the way when I don't feel well so that I am not annoying my husband with my inability to function and which he sees as laziness. I don't know why but I often feel guilty for not feeling well which I know is stupid but I can't help it. I wish you all the best for your new beginning.


im so sorry to hear about your dilemma .at the moment i am so tired its making me so bad tempered and keep falling asleep,i had my grandson to stay on monday he is 12 i had to go to bed i was falling asleep in the chair all the time. im also in alot more pain than usual as well ..i am waiting for the dr to phone me back as i cant get an appointment for ages .

I hope you start feeling better soon .


Sweet dreams I am so sad to hear of what has happened to you. Only someone who has walked in your shoes can truly understand what you are going through. I have been fighting the awful fatigue since Xmas and at least I have full support of my husband. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. To move etc etc when you are struggling so much has taken a lot of courage and you're bound to feel even more fatigued by doing that on top of your emotional upheaval. I sincerely hope things improve once you have adjusted to your new home. Be kind to yourself. Xo


Dear Sweetdreams, so very sad to hear what has been happening in your life. I'm sure all the stress will make things worse and add to your tiredness. Do think about asking the doctor to check your B12 levels and thyroid on your next blood test. It seems these three things often occur together, and could even explain your increased levels of tiredness. Sending very best wishes to you. MariLiz


Dear Sweetdreams,all the previous replies have said all I could say,but feel for you very much & send you lots of good wishes,lots of love,gentle hugs & better times ahead for you,from another Barb,going as Betty Alice xxx


I know what you mean I have been dragging myself around since last Nov ,but I have just had 4 good day ,but today I am back to square one no energy and lots of pain.



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