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Fibro fog really scares me how can i prevent it from happening?

i have been diagnosed Fibromyalgia since septemember this year and sometimes have spouts of this foggy thing which i find very scarey what can i do to prevent this

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i wish i knew the awnser to this one asked my gp if there was a pill for this he said no


sometimes i wish there was a miracle pill how long you been suffering?


Hi there,maybe you could look into taking some supplements to help with your thinking.Unfortunately it's all art of fibro so there really is not much you can do about it.Try writing things down that you need to remember,wish there was so good advice I could give you but I've had fibro for 8 years now and it seems that the longer I have it the more my thinking becomes foggy xxx


You have such a good attitude it's "can do" as of late..I like

the new you haribo. =)


thank u haribo36 i've put in for pip goodness how long that is gonna take i was suffering pains a few years back but put it down to getting old hahahaha


i sometimes have a feeling of collapsing but i dont actually collapse as it only lasts for 30 to 60 seconds



I think the fog is what frustrates me the most but I have found the best way to cope is laughter and post it notes! I stick bright notes all over to remind me of even the basic things. Each of my bags contains a notebook and pen so I write down everything. Every week I use a weekly planner sheet and hubby helps me write in everything I need to remember, appointments etc.

It doesn't take the fog away but it helps a little.




What a good idea jillylin,I think I shall try the post it notes and I like the idea of a weekly planner sheet.Do you get the sheets from somewhere or do you write it yourself?xxx


Thats a good idea i will try that my kids has notice how tired i'm looking lately were i use to carry heavy bags i cant even carry them so i'm gonna treat myself to these wheel thingybobs


does anyone that breathing is hard like your having panic attacks i do and it scares the hell out of me


Iam sorry to hear that you have breathing problems like this.Do you suffer from anxiety at all?it would be advisable to get any unusual breathing problems checked out by your g.p just to be on the safe side xx


hi haribo i'm gonna make an appointment with my doc tomorrow


sometimes i do but i take deep breaths and i find that helps


Yes, taking in slow deep breaths in the nose, out

the mouth helps..it's just like it was in Lamaz..

I live in the USA..ladies that give birth without drugs

take classes to learn how and when to breathe..

they pick a focal point in the room and pay close

attention to breathing..let your shoulders fall straighten

out your back..long neck, long back..and just breathe

slowly..think of a stop sign so you can not panic..or

feel faint..I always used to remember when my kids

were little..the cute baby - cuddling with them..I try

to go back to that place when I am feeling like you...

Sometimes I envision myself hugging someone. it

does help to ground me..suddenly I am aware of the

feet on the floor, my back against the chair..you can

learn all kinds of tricks to get through those little

episodes..laying down, praying, remembering something

special. .it will all help you..


Morning Vixen49

Sorry to hear about your breathing issues. As haribo36 advised, it's best to get this checked out. If nothing is discovered then trying some relaxation techniques can be really helpful. I particularly like "visualization" method, where I imagine a calming scene, such as a waterfall. I had an occupational therapist who offered a course of relaxation techniques. Hopefully there might be some classes in your area.

I've been using my relaxation for over 15yrs now & it's always helpful.

I hope you can find something that helps but get checked out medically first.

Best wishes



hey Arti thank you for the info i will try soothing relaxing pan pipes


i'm sorry my name is Ros short for Roslyn


Hi Vixen. I have been expereincing chest tightness (central chest and right ribs) for about 7 weeks now. This makes breathing very difficult, although it does appear to be sporadic. Had lots of tests done, but nothing can really be found. Hospital and GP think it may be some sort of panic attack. I used to suffer from severe panic attacks about 10 years ago and my attacks feel a bit different to the panic attacks I used to have. Have u been to GP ? Maybe a chest x-ray will show up/put your mind at rest xx


hey choops my name is ros i'm gonna make an appointment to see my doc tomorrow


Hi, after reading your post I thought you were writing about me. I forget where I am, even when I am being driven somewhere I have been a hundred times all of a sudden I really have no idea where I am, how to get to where I was going and no idea how to get home.

Back in the summer when my hip wasn't too bad, I walked over the road with my daughter ( she is 20 and had come home for the summer from uni )to the butchers and after a minute or two my daughter just looked atme and asked if I knew when I was, and she was right I had no idea. She asked if I could get home and I stood and thought for a while but the answer was I had not

an idea how tote home or where I was. It was after this I stopped going out alone, it's just too scarey.

I wish there was something I could take that would stop it

I do write myself notes but then ring my mum who lives round the corner to take me to where I need to go.

I am in my 40's and as much as I love my mum I never thought in a million years I would have to rely on her so much



hi i'm the same i gotta have at least one my kids to walk to the shops with me and i feel so bad sometimes my kids and went to get food at farm foods when i had fibro fog attack i had to stay still till it past over then i had no recollection were i was for a few secs then i remembered were i was when my kids asked me if i was ok


Hello caroline I really feel for youi am just the same and it is so frightening sometimes I struggle to write my name lol.i misplace things have trouble counting out money miss hospital/doctors appointment constantly even though its written down and I have a reminder in my fone I can completely forget in a couple of minuets.i hate this stupid fog it's so frustrating and embarrassing. . But I just have to laugh at myself sometimes or I would go mad. Unfortunately it is part of fibromyalgia and we just got to muddle through.take care hunni maybe knowing we are all like this will be a bit reassuring. Xx


Names are one of the worse things to remember and how to spell well that is my excuse. When I am trying to remember things I try and use association of objects or places and at the mo it Helps.

I have terrible trouble remembering who my neighbours are very embarrassing when you are with a friend from your own village. It makes you feel humble. You ask if there is anything we can do to fight it. I dont think so, I do crosswords and word searches but does it help. (shrugs)

Take care



hey Gins i feel for you babe i am the same i get so frustrated cos my brain is working faster than my gob my youngest son helps my with word searchers and code breakers and he is disabled himself he has austism spectrum disorder but he is a brilliant boy


Take care vixen try not to let your mouth run away from you. You are trying so hard already and your children are bing so helpful to your situation. Gentle hugs to you try and practise memory games with them and endeavour to improve your fog. Good luck


big hugs to you gins have a very good evening take care of yourself xx


Get good sleep, exercise, eat good foods and prepare for it...it might

not ever come to you or me, I am also in the same boat..the pain and fogginess

didn't hit me, fatigue already made itself right at home in my body...

I can't get more than 3 hours of sleep a night..when it hits me hard, I do

exercise as much as humanly possible..I drink a lot of extra water, take my

vitamins and I talk to someone inspirational, positive, fitting to where I am with

life..spending too much time focusing on the disease itself is a waste of energy

so do whatever physical activity you can and enjoy yourself while you're at it.

Good luck. Nice to meet you vixen. xx


Hi yikes I do quite of walking but I take my time as I got knee problems but I do try activity to keep me mobilize


Hi I had a bad attack of fibro fog I'm lucky enough to be able to still ride a bike ... Even though its electric lol I felt so drunk that I could do anything I felt indespensable I think that's how you spell it . A bit scared really as could have been dangerous


Hi it can be daunting but you. Can bring yourself round b'y tapping which I do when I no I'm having an attack


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