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Ooo hat is new a blue line chugging across the page as it loads

Morning all you Wonderfull People how are we today!

I have just falle asleep on my computer never done this before still must be a power nap feel better for it!!

So today we are hunting for ghosts I hear I believe there are a few to look out for>>>> Dear Old Ann Bolyn what a sin had her head put in a bin

Let me think that must have been 1536 a little before our time.

Obligingly you will find her wandering around in or near the White Tower>

I understand her head is under her arm how careless > bless >

So do be careful where you tread

and dont get sent to THE TOWER WHAAAAAAAAAAA

HEHEHEHEHEHE giggles and cackles and dissappears WHA

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I have you all under the spell of my magic tash remember!!!!

Any grotty or evil nonsense shall have you frog marched to the torture chamber for questioning LOLOLOL

RWAH RWAH RWAH!!! ;) ;) ;)

I am head of security ;) hehehehe :D


And Iam the assistant to the head of security so you had better be a "good" girl today gins :D


And I don't know what the heck I am today.......lalalalala change there then :D

Foggy x


Ghosts! Where ? Jilly peeps nervously in into foggy's rather capacious handbag.


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