The palaces are very old and have many uneven surfaces, for example cobbles, worn steps, uneven steps and slopes. Please choose footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions.

Prisoners - For nearly 900 years, traitors, kings, queens, saints and sinners have been held here against their will. Visit the towers where many prisoners were kept and explore their stories. :d Torture at the Tower

The ravens The guardians of the Tower ‘If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…’ -

Ghosts Is the Tower haunted? Ghost stories and legends from the Tower of London

Enjoy the spectacular display of the Crown Jewels, revealing these priceless treasures like never before.

There's much more that can be seen and things to do if you click the link below

We shall board our fluffie encased coach to the London Eye at 17:00



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  • Yep..wide awake..wow..the tower!!! Yippee.=)

  • Wow! It's beautiful!! Can't wait to see what it's like on the inside!!!

  • Hi Julie its huge isn't it we're gonna need a four course dinner after going around all this :D

  • I'm thinking of it already!! Drool!

  • Boo how is it going hun!

  • haha :D there you are!!!

    Its picnic time, some are seeing the jewels and its quite likely that I'll be asleep by 3 and awake at 5 maybe not who knows ;) heheheh!

  • Did you get your tramasnooze zeb? The tower looks awesome but do you think I might just distract the guard wearing this maids outfit though?it is rather short zosie :O oh dear the fluffies are off,up to no mischieve I hope :O

  • Sadly no Haribo not yet :) I'm still here just had to spend time bribing the driver to take us home later after chocolate covered fluffies dived on him and started to carry him off to the dungeon................... :o

    ................ I had to magic tash him back to the bus which confused him also :D

    Fluffies have been told off and sent home........... :p

    New ones just arrived xxx

  • They arrived in my roller I borrowed it from Forsyth nice lad!

  • Fab in proper style thanks gins :)

  • It's so dark inside,darn it I've laddered my stockings! :O

  • Wakey wakey gins..........nudges gins.........here's a coffee and curly wurly to wake you up lady :D

  • Come on everyone,let's have fun exploring! Now please don't make ghost noises :O whoever that is please stop it!

  • whooooooooooooo......... ooooooooooo..........ooooooooooo

  • Whooooo! Whooooo ooooooo! Oh sorry h, too much excitement - & in this place - couldn't resist it! :-D

  • Naughty zeb,now don't be a silly girl or I shall play a trick on you too! I really am frightened of seeing a ghost :O

  • It's behind you haribo!!!

  • Teee heee zeb - great minds think alike!!

  • ehehehehehe! sorry H her's some protective ghost busting fluffies none of them can get you oooooo..........oooooooooo oooooooo ;) ;) ;)


  • And you too Julie,both of you STOP IT NOW!!!!

  • Oops. ('hangs head in shame') Sorry Miss!!

  • I really need to find those naughty fluffies from my petting zoo,I can hear screams up ahead,do Hope that they haven't been eating my curly wurlys :O I think I saw them heading towards the Crown Jewels so Iam off that way guys :D

  • Just saw one scurrying off with The Cullinan!!! Hurry H!!!

  • Now they've got the Koh-i-Noor!!! Eeeeek!!

  • You should ask Foggy if you can take the fluffie security dogs with you they'll help to round them up :D

  • Jilly runs screaming from the ghosts. ( because she has to teach this afternoon). I hope to come out of hiding later.

  • Think I might go for lunch ;) feeling hungry................... follows the smells of food................... :D

  • Might join zeb - we look like the Bisto Kids - following the scent of the gravy in the ads!! :-D

  • Yeah :D What are we doing? this virtual and I have magic tash.............. :D

    Now what would you like Julie?

  • Oooh........ something light - don't want to spoil my appetite for later....... Champagne? Cheeseburger? Chocolate Cake? Steak? Sausages? Scampi?

  • soup to warm me up and a butty nice and simple for me but

    switchy twitch poof................... banquet of light bites and picnic stuff :)

    Fluffie blankets/shawls available too :)

  • Thanks zeb, need a shawl here. Must get my fluffy socks on if I'm going to be here much longer - & some fingerless gloves!!

  • Think I'm gonna have to sneak off for some crusty bread & tomato soup in a minute........

  • Can I join you? Foggys security doglets are rounding up the fluffies now.Whats on the menu?lets just all follow the scent :D

  • This way to the food everyone! There's plenty for all!!

  • We also have Mushroom Risotto, Marshmallows, Mange Tout Surprise.

  • Mange tout surprise! Yuk! Haven't they got anything sweet or chocolatey? :D

  • Raisins in Raspberry Sauce, Rice Krispies in Rich Chocolate Sauce, Ritz Biscuits with Roquefort Cheese.

  • I really must change out of this maids outfit after lunch as Iam getting rather a few funny stares :O

  • Yes, some people were waiting for you to polish the silver!! (or thought that you were a transvestite stripper! ;-) )

  • How dare they!!!! Now Iam going to set the fluffies on them :D

  • swoosh twitchy twitch poof............ There you go H back to normal :D now thankfully unscathed :) ;) :)

  • I just hope that people won't think that Iam one of the staff in the restaurant though! :O

  • 'Posh Voice' -- "Excuse me miss, can you find us a table for two?" --- he he heee :-D

  • Now now Julie,stop all this nonsense!........slopes off to a table in the corner :(

  • Sorry haribo, couldn't resist it. Have a large piece of this rich chocolatey, calorie free, gateau.

  • Naughty gins,she's STILL asleep! Do you think that the smell of food will wake her from her slumber? :D

  • Barbecued Ribs, Broccoli Bake, Baked Potatoes.

  • Barbecued ribs followed by the triple chocolate fudge brownie cake,yum yum :F

  • I'm there :D what about the 4 course dinner tho later :o need room for that ;)

  • No probs zeb. I'm off to walk off this glorious feast. Off to the four towers: the Salt, the Broad Arrow, the Constable and the Martin Tower. Discover the many different uses of the Tower of London – Prison, home of the Crown Jewels and, above all else, Fortress. - fluffies must be on a lead or they will be imprisoned in the White Tower. hrp.org.uk/Images/TOL-steps... All those stairs.......Oooh, that'll help the digestion! Ready? Set! Go!!!

  • ok then I'm with you because you seem to know your stuff quite more in depth than me :o hanging my head in shame :o

  • No zeb, me just followed the master's footprints & links, me did.

  • You the Master, Oh Wise One of The Internet. I just a little lucky clicker of links me. A mere junior compared to your Seniority Oh Lord Zeb, Guardian Of The Fluffies, Leader of the Fibros Internet Tour! 'Bows down on knees' I have learnt from the Great Teacher Of The Internet Links. All Hail Zeb - Leader Of Virtualosity!

  • HAHAHAHAH NO that'll also be foggy :)

  • So, are we going to see the Crown Jewels? Foggy tells me there's one of those moving walkways around it so people can't hog the view! How am I supposed to take photos?

  • Hey pip cool to see you :D

    you could maybe get the fluffies to take the photos as they can fly? :D

  • I cannot do moving walkways even in virtual land the thought of it is screaming weebles a wobble heheheheh!

  • ...but they don't fall down ;)

  • eheheheheh :D

  • Hot chocolate fudge cake and creamy icecream or cream anyone? or if you me and an utter pig both?

    :p LOL xxx

  • Aww,hot choccy fudge cake sounds lovely! Hi pip it's so good to see you?Do you fancy some cake? :)

  • Well it'd be rude to say no. Whatcha got? Anything with chocolate in the title is sure to be a winner ;)

  • There you go pip hot choc fudge and ice-cream n cream?

  • Do you think they mind chocolate handprints all over the wall? Oops!

  • I don't know :D I should be telling off for that :o very naughty heheheh!

  • I think one of the ghosts pushed me ;)

  • I see in that case it is ok isn't it come on quick before we get spotted for choccy graffiti heheh!

    Moving over there now to yet another new post as the script is getting too long to load properly :o

    :D xxxzebxxx :D

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