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Everything is breaking!

Hello everyone. If you've read Gins post about what we are up to you may know I'm having problems with the shower and the back door handles.

After 21/2hrs running around I have had no success in fixing anything. I have had to book a man who can to fix the shower, and wait until sometime on Friday! (Going to get a tap shower attachment, otherwise too smelly!) and because we have Anglian windows we have to order everything through them! None of the DIY places deal in handles to fit their doors. So will have to probably wait until the end of the week for that to be delivered as well.

Off now to get shower attachment.....

Take care everyone.

Is xx

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Hi there,sorry to hear all that! I hope that you find a decent attachment.I used to have one of those,they can work just as good as a shower in the meantime.All this rushing about,I don't know how you do it! I haven't even cleaned my teeth yet,hehe :D I hope that you won't feel too tired later/tomorrow,you must make sure you get some rest/relaxation later :)


Hi Is, I saw your post to gins and was in complete awe and wonder at your DIY talents, however, it seems that you have had to recourse to having them done for you, not because you're not clever enough, but it must be frustrating being tied into a particular company for parts......... That's a bit naughty of them.

Hope you can get the right shower attachment to tide you over until Friday, let us know how it goes :-)

Foggy x


Don't know about DIY skills Foggy, more like good intentions! Failed miserably at the first hurdle. I had thought that I'd only have to reconnect a pipe or something, but not to be, oh well. Fingers crossed I can fit the new door handles when they are delivered!



I end up having to do most of my own DIY. Had my back and neck gone into full revolt I was meant to be attempting to decorate my small lobby and my sitting room. The best laid plans of

mice and men, as they say. I have a spray paint system which is meant to make things easier, ( she says hopefully ) :D

Foggy x


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