As you can see they're growing in number everyday and these were spotted not far from where I live and one of the fluffie lairs...................... that's right!! there's more than one fluffie lair. It was a necessity since the evil cat's were being persistent so security measures were put in place.

I think it's me they're after this time so I'm boinging and boing boinging to practice quick get-aways.

However I think we should put Foggy into protective custody for safe measure :)

:) xxx Fluffmeister Extroadinnaire xxx :)

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  • I can see an empty cat food tin in the picture... maybe they wants more food, tee hee :)

  • Well spotted!!

    ..................... hmmmmmmn Jilly laced a cake with catnip last time, but Inspecter Detective Perry Ken Ironside Go-Lightly ate that cake :o

    If it were put into cat food tins maybe the inspector won't find it!! :p

    LOL :D

  • I am not sure Foggy should be placed in protective custard. She might find it attracts the evil cats. And Sherlock Bones is missing!

  • Already? how? oh dear!

    Does he have a partner called Watson by any chance?


  • Follow the custard trail, quick!

  • Can't be............. what? Foggy too, again!?!

    .....................there must be a mole in the hole :o that likes custard ;)

    Quick march, boing, hop, skip or jump follow the trail............................ :p

  • We must not underestimate those crafty kitties. Foggy's thumbs are at stake.

  • cor blimey! they're persistent little pesky trouble makers. Poor Foggy :(

    Well it looks like we need to organise another rescue effort.

    Armoured fluffies have collected the doglets to follow the trail Mr B loves sniffing and digging but Poppie is directing troops :P

  • grunt grunt snuffle snort

  • jillylin i cant stop laughing at the thought of Foggy up to her neck in custard

  • :o :o :o :o

  • Check for new post, it has got serious. The cats have disposed of Bones!

  • Okay the cat's are trying to avert our attention away from the custardy trail to Foggy by flogging Sherlock Bones on e-bay in the hope we try to find him and forget about Foggy.

    Any ideas? we might have to split up............................ oh dear!! tread carefully there's custard everywhere :p

  • Oh Dear......'conan' do.....sorry about that. I am just thinking about the custard and really laughing....lol....Tannels xx

  • New Ally, Conan the Barbarian

  • With Mrs Doyle

  • what we need is the dog Rhubarb he will know how to deal with custard the cat

  • Hehehehe that worked but at super slow speed. I'll have to wait :(

  • How about Apple then?

  • with apple pie and rhubarb crumble we should start getting somwere

  • Cooooeeeeee make with it here please and plenty of custard ;-)

  • I'm not a frog

    or a hog or a dog

    I am a mole

    and I live in a hole

  • Are you saying you're the mole in the hole? :O :O :O

  • I bet he is you know! First he eats the laced cake meant for the evil cats, so the cats escaped, and now the cats have regrouped, got Fogs in custard and sold dem Bones on t'internet while so called Detective Badger snuffles along 'harmlessly' making many a reference to rodents. I smell a RAT! :o

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn :o

    boing boing boing!!! where can I hide Alex?

  • Boing over here into this blue, red and yellow tin that says Birds on it, I'm sure it's quite safe as it has a tricky lid that cats won't be able to open.....I found it in Paul's pantry

  • You knew. You'll be safe there

  • Just that

    I'm not a bat or a rat or a cat

  • Where's Foggy?

  • Sitting back, watching us do all the hard work. Ever noticed that?

    Is she not in the protective custard-y with you? Look for a pair of thumbs

  • I won't fit in that tin :D heheeheh if I did when you opened it I would be a jack in the box spraying custardy powder over everyone LOL

  • That would temporarily blind the evil cats so you and foggy could make your escape and bring home Sherlock Bones! It's fool-proof! X

  • Ah, that's exactly what Zebedee is, a boingy with mouse stache from Pringles

  • Hmmmmmmm now you come to mention it, she does go awfully quiet once she's set the cat amongst the pigeons...gah! It's hard to trust anyone since Zeb said there was a mole! It could be me!!??!

  • Dick Custardy to the rescue! With Muttley my faithful hound we will beat Penelope Pitstop and Stop the Pigeons at the same time and sniff out Foggy. Wacky Races are GO, (or is that Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope?) I am confused.

  • hahahahahahah :D

  • I'll get you Penelope Pitstop . . .

  • Just woken up and eating biscuits! This looks fun, can I be the the ArKENsaw chugabug?

    Ken x

  • please remove the tin can its got a jaggy lid the gruesome foursome might get cut on it .

    thye are so cute reminds me of my now demised 21 year old .pgp

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