Hello everyone

I thought I'd let you know about the lovely tea I had last night. My 13 year old son made a noodle sweet and sour stir fry. He'd made it school last week and wanted to do it again. It was delicious.

The downside was I had to clear it all up afterwards! I didn't mind though.

(I think it's scones next week. Mmmmm.)

Hope you've all been able to enjoy some of this lovely autumnal weather.


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  • Aw! that's lovely suffolklass I bet You are really proud of him :)

    You know I love scones, especially fresh from the oven..............drooling! :o

    my faves that I make are apple and sultana, the moisture keeps them fresher a bit longer. At this time of year I would put in a tiny pinch each of nutmeg and cinnamon too :)

  • I'm a very proud Mum. He will be mortified knowing I've posted this!

    I don't like dried fruit but the apple bit sounds lovely, especially with the cinnamon. Have you tried snickerdoodles? Like a soft, chewy, cinnamonny biscuit.

  • no............. but they sound rather lovely :)

  • I'll write it up in a post sometime, when I remember!?

  • That would be so fab if you could :)

    thank you :)

  • You must be soooo proud of your son, and rightly so, to be able to produce a good meal like that is a real accomplishment . I would love to try your snickerdoodles Iz, do they have nuts in? I do hope so :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • The scones in my tea rooms were Egon Ronay rated as the best in the county in 1985.......just thought I brag

  • mine were aunt bessie rated :P

  • My scones are pathetic rated!!

  • that's sounds lovely :P

    no fruit in my scones! just plain ones please :)

    I went out for sunday lunch with friends, it was a beautiful, warm day 8-)

  • I had to produce 300 plain scones for our village Fayre a couple of years back, such fun flour flying in all directions, I mixed up the dry ingredients beforehand and stored the bags in the fridge, then just added my liquid (secret ingredient ;-) ) on the morning, got through them in a really quick time, like a production line. Chose to do the meringues the next year.......hehehehe

    Foggy x

  • It was a lovely day for being out with friends, nice to hear you had a good day.

    I'm with you with the plain scones.


  • I adore scones with Jam and clotted cream dreamy - how wonderful that your son is enjoying cooking :) xgins

  • The offer still stands gins. ;-)

  • Thanks Hun I will keep that one up my sleeve xx

  • You are a lucky lady suffolklass , you should have got him to make some lovely scones for your boat trip, foggy could have supplied the jam n cream from Devon, nothing like fresh Devonshire cream yummy, .....hugs Dee x

  • I consider myself extremely lucky Dee, thank you.

  • It's got to be clotted cream though......trust me :-) :-)

  • Come aboard for the fantasy trip aaround the world 24 hours and we sail to greenland then sout to balmy blue waters not forgetting the med and those hunky me Free of charge have some fun in the sun (The only time I get to sport a bikini)

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