Good nite all

Good evening to everyone,just thought I would say good nite and hope you all get some sleep/rest tonight.Just to let you know zeb that the evil pink fluffy was scared away by your armoured fluffy you sent earlier.Ive just cleared up the last of the jelly tots that were scattered everywhere and now iam exhausted.On a different note,I tried Pilates for the first time today and I quite enjoyed it even though it was hard.I managed to do pretty much most of it so iam very pleased.Especially since the last two days I've been in bed,just hope I haven't overdone it though!:(

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  • that's very sweet of you haribo :) thanks for helping with the fluffies and me too hopes you haven't overdone it.

    Don't forget to reward yourself for your acheivements ;)

    nighty night hunny


  • Morning haribo, I did have a better nights sleep, mostly down to zeb's fluffies and all that scuffle with them earlier in the day.

    I join in hoping you haven't overdone it with the Pilates and hope it makes things better for you. I'm not allowed to do it because of my spinal fractures, but I wish I could, getting core strength I'm sure might help .......good luck, let us know how it goes :-)

    Foggy x

  • Just thought I'd let you know that the Pilates went o.k,I will definitely be going again.It looked like it would be easy but some of the moves are not easy,I just went at my own pace.And I didn't have the usual post exercise aches and pains :)

  • Fantastic news Haribo, I wish I could do exercise again :(

    maybe some time in the future.......she says very positively :D


  • Good news haribo.....keep on going gently......pacing.....pacing...says she, he master of not doing so........ Hehehe ;-)

    Foggy x

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