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mouth ulcers

hi,im new 2 this site,ive recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after yrs of tests,scans etc.. i also along with alot of other symptoms suffer with constant mouth ulcers,barely a wk gos by when i dont have any,i was just wondering does anyone else suffer with them and have any tips as to what i can use or do to keep them at bay,ive actually have an appointment next month to see a specialist about them as they get me down what with all the other aches and pains :-(

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no ive never been treated for that i will mention it to my g.p as i do have problems with my eyes sometimes mainly iritis tho,i get regular flare ups,i dont use an inhaler and ive tried loads of different things for mouthulcers and the only thing that has helped is a mouthwash that my dads partner was prescribed from hospital when she was having chemo and suffering with mouthulcers,i will definately check that out with my doctor,thanx


Hi katiemae

my husband suffers with mouth ulcers and tryed everything untill he went and spoke to the pharmasists in the well known drugstore S*****D***'s

and she gave him Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets and hasn't looked back.

It may be worth asking your regular pharmasist about them and if they would be suitable for you to use

Hugs poppy xx


thank u so much i will do,im willing 2 try anything,its agony week after week as im sure ur husband will agree,ive suffered for yrs and spoke 2 different doctors and got nowhere,i will ask at the pharmacy thank u xx


I often have mouth ulcers too. I've had them for years, had FMS for 10 years, only diagnosed 3 years ago. I went to see an allergy consultant as I'm asthmatic as well and its been getting worse. He saw the ulcers and has sent me for a full immunology breakdown blood test as he said it may be Coeliac disease. I was in hospital for 5 days, 2 years ago, with unexplained tummy pain, I was on morphine the whole time, told it was IBS. Only now have a found out no-one in all of the time I have been for tests has tested me for coeliac. Apparently mouth ulcers can be a sign. Have you been tested for coeliac?


no i havent been tested for coeliac,i will look that 1 up thank u for that,ive also suffererd with them for yrs and just put it down 2 stress etc..but now im thinking theres more 2 it,my doctors are hopeless they just dont seem 2 b interested and when i go 2 rheumatology its not much better,i hav an appointment next month about the ulcers i just hope i get some answers.


Hey all - gentle hugs,

Am a bit behind with reading blogs and replying as I've been unwell with Mr Fibro again - but saw this one and had to reply.

I have been suffering with ulcers too - TONGUE ulcers! I've had this happening for years now - I NEVER get them anywhere but on my tongue. No matter what treatments are out there - nowt works - I even saw my GP about them whilst at the surgery on another matter. And He looked and saw a TINY one on the tip of my tongue and said it was not worth treating as it was nearly gone - Despite my telling him they never grow big and are always tiny and damned well painful - like scalding your tongue on a boiling cuppa - or - drinking boiling water straight from the kettle pain. I exaggerate slightly - but it's not far off the mark - my tongue is on fire. He did not suggest anything to help - except to regularly use a mouth wash - I do! And ruddy well told him so too! So he then said some people are just susceptible to the cruel little blighters!

On another part of this thread, I saw written about Coeliac Disease and ulcers being a sign of that. Well a few years ago I when to have a camera up the Throne Room end, ahem, (as I bled a lot and it was so painful all the time) - They could not finish the examination as the pain was excruciation and the doctor said it was possibly the aforementioned Coeliac Disease. ( Nowt's been sent in a letter to GP though :-( ) So, when I next see a GP in a months time - I'll mention it and see where it leads. I've put up with these nasty things long enough.


Carol xx


hi,thanx so much 4 ur reply,i suffer with them everywhere in my mouth even on my throat,like i said barely a wk gos by when i dont have them,they r so so painful at times and i totally sympathise with u,i have read up on coeliac disease also and im certainly going 2 mention it 2 my gp tho like urself i never seem 2 get much joy,i hav recently experienced some bleeding but very little at the mo and some pain so im thinking possibly it could be coeliac disease,i feel all i ever do is moan recently but noone understands,im so pleased i came across this website and can talk about it 2 people that have some understanding of what ur goin thru xx


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