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update on mouth

As I mentioned in my last Blog ,I've had a very sore tongue & mouth and my lip keeps swelling up.I went to see My GP today and she thinks it is thrush (even though no white spots) as the corners of my mouth are cracked and my tongue is cracked and very red.She prescribed me Nystatin oral suspension 1ml 4 times a day.It's FOUL my son said it smells like bleach,well it certainly feels like it!! It BURNS!!!I have to coat all of my mouth with it and keep it in my mouth for as long as possible before I swallow it.Of course I then want to have a drink to get rid of it but I can't as it'll wash it off my tongue where it's doing some good.YUK !

I was also prescribed Amytriptiline to try to get some decent sleep and stop the muscle twitches.

I'm being referred to the pain clinic as well and my GP gave me the phone number of the physical disabilities social work team as she hasn't been able to get through so I can ring them tomorrow.And when I got home there was a letter from Physio to say to phone them for an appointment! So a very productive day.Not so sure about the Nystatin though :c

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That should have said 'last questions' not blog!


Sounds like you're on the right track now Amanda, oral thrush is nasty but it will soon clear up and you'll feel so much more comfortable.

Hope the Amitriptyline helps with your sleep, it works a treat for me! So finger's crossed!

You've done really well today with the treatment, med and arrangements, hope it all goes really well for you. Take care. :)


The cure sounds nearly as bad as the complaint - still in a few days there will be one less thing to worry about - so that has got to be good :-)

Julie xx


Busy day. Mine was similar too, trying ta get rid of infections and get referral letters off. Pain clinic, wheelchair upgrade...

If you find Nystatin does not help suggest to your doctor that it may be re-flux related even without the feeling of indigestion. That is what mine turned out to be and after three years of having a sore mouth and cracks at the corners. As soon as I was prescribed Omeprazole it cleared within days. Good luck with it all xx


Hope you get some much needed help,have to say i have been on Amitriptilyne for a few years,the helped me for a few years,but maybe mt bodu just got used to them,i have been on pregabalin 75mg three times a day,i get so much more pain relief and sleep,i constantly woke up all night then felt rubbish all day,when i had cancer the doc gave me sleeping tablets to try,they were a waste of time,but pregabalin have been my saviour,i hope you get a good nights sleep,its horrible when you dont get a good sleep.sandy.


Thanks everyone.I'm hoping to sleep through without nightmares tonight! got first Physio tomorrow so a bit nervous and worried about oversleeping.It's at 9am and it takes me just over an hour to get there on my scooter.

Fiona,I only have pain in my mouth and at the entrance to my throat,not all the way down my throat so not sure if it could be reflux.

I was going to ask my Gp if I could have pregablin but I think it interacts with my BP tablets so may not be able to take it.


Mention this to your GP Amanda along with your current meds to see if Pregabalin would be compatible with what you are taking already. Take care. :)


thanks I will x


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