I have fibro and everything that comes with it. Now I seem to be getting constipated a lot. In august I was in the hospital and now sept

I was again being admitted this time for ibs and just odged surgery. Noe tonight my stomach is getting bloated again and I'm very very anxious. Anybody got any ideas of wat else I can do. I've takin senna miralax and a slew of enemas. Uhh I'm worried I may need surgery.

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  • Hi, I don't know what pain killers you are on, but for me as I take MST and Oramorph my GP gave me 15 mg of senna and laxido orange sachets of which I can take up to two aday but on average I only need 1/2 every few days. These don't really taste of anything as you mix them with water. I find the above works for me. I also try and eat fresh fruit which also helps me.

    I know the doctors have a wide range of different things they can give you. Have you been back to your GP and asked for anything else?

    I do think a lot depends on your pain killers

    Hope this helps

    Soft hugs, Caroline xxx

  • Thanxs and I have an appt. Tommorow so I will inquire.

  • And I take dilaidid and baclofen and neurontin.

  • Hi I have fibro and ibs but mine is more upset stomach with really bad pain until I have emptied my bowls ,which then clears it a bit but end up on and off the toilet for most of the day .stress dose not help in my case . A couple of years ago I had an examination of my colon as I had some blood in my stools and was told I had some hemorids and some small pouches in my colon caused by straining to much and was told to take fybogel twice a day but I found it made the upset stomach part worse so stopped taken it might be worth you trying some it might help with the constipation I do get that as well but as soon as I have gone it goes the other way can't win . You can get some from the chemist or on prescription if you don't have to pay for prescription s that would work out cheaper worth ago might help soft hugs Cherokee

  • I had same problem when given fibogel for IBS. Now I take 3 magnesium tablets every day and eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and try to avoid starchy food as I believe these cause bloating and constipation. There's a good book on this called IBS Low Starch Diet by Carol Sinclair. Still have to be really careful about diet as I will get constipated and get hemeroids easily. Epsom salts also work. I never found Senna or any of the bulking stuff any help at all. More of a hindrance in fact.

  • Hi I also have tried various laxatives, senna etc with no results and also suffer from IBS, my doctor prescribed me with the laxido sachets a year ago now and they are fantastic, they get mixed with a small amount of water, they taste a bit like salty orange, but they work and they are lovely and gentle too, no cramping, I can take them once a day, but find I only really need them once or twice a week. All the meds that I am on for my fibro causes constipation so these are fantastic.

    Might be worth a try, speak to your doctor.

    Hope this helps xx

  • I find a really rough porridge (bit oats, the Tesco value ones are good) made with water (pour boiling water over the oats, cover and wait 10 mins) with a couple of chopped dried prunes and a big spoonful of ground linseeds every day keeps everything moving usually. But on the rare days it doesn't a spoonful of Boots Health Salts in a big glass of warm water is great. Both remedies are cheap and simple but they seem to work xx

  • Agree with you crop. I use porridge oats, linseed and sunflower seeds and a few other things (I make up my own mixture and keep it in tupperware in the cupboard) and have it with yogurt and fruit or sometimes I heat it up with milk as a kind of crunchy, gloopy porridge. Delicious with fruit and / honey. I also use Epsom salts in warm water. Is that the same as Boots Health salts?

  • It's pretty much the same but the boots one is cheaper because it's not a brand name x

  • Hi there, my meds create constipation for me too, but I eat some panda liquorice every night, or a handful of Albran Golden Crunch, does two jobs, helps if your peckish and stops you reaching for something fattening whilst also helping a bowel movement, give it try both are nice.....hope this helps...gentle hugs to all ....Dee xx

  • What is panda liquorice and where do you get it?

  • Panda is just the name, but oits the best its soft, you can get it in Sainsburys, not sure about other supermarkets or Holland & Barratts , it isnt expensive either and its zilch calories and good for thew digestion too !

  • Weatabix does it for me. 2 a morning. Xxx

  • hi, I am on MST and the doctors say that is why I get constipated so often and so bad, I take 2 senna every morning and night, 15ml of lactulose every morning and night and still this does not work. I eat Alban made with hot water that has a good result but I think the more you eat it you body gets used to it. Also just brown bread and hi fibre foods will help. I find grapes are good as well I have no idea why but they seem to work on me. I have been told you also need to train yourself to go regularly again, this means picking a time of the day that can be around the same time every day and just sitting on the toilet for up to 15 minutes. This should train your mind and bowels to go at least once a day at the same time. I hope this is a little help and you start feeling better soon

  • Hi, yes another sufferer here....I get cronic stomach cramps, especially time of the month, and I get constipation...I need to see my doctor as it goes from one extreme to the other and some days I cannot plan anything.....I used to eat strawberry liquorice by Taverners, but cant find any...I try to keep a regular daily intake of 4 wholemeal slices of bread and then veg and fruit, not too much as that what causes the opposite.......xx

  • Hey everybody, I find magnesium tablets help. Apparently they make you take more water into your bowel so that stools are softer and easier passed. Too much info I know but it works! Magnesium tabs are quite expensive but I think worth it. They are also supposed to help relax muscles and give more energy. I told my mum to take them. She never takes supplements so I didn't think she would but she loves them!

  • Thank you for all reply s I will be trying some and see what helps the most xx

  • since being diagnosed with fm and diabetes I went along time going from one extreme to another. only when I spoke to my wait loss assessor they said it is IBS since being on tablets it has helped but just means more medication. I worked in a care home and they used lactalose which is is a thick syrup and nurses suggested sugary tea if that didn't work while sitting on the toilet

  • Good luck at the doctors tomorrow, I would guess your head will be full of different drugs you could try. I know we all believe in our drug but unforturely ( sorry if spelt work ) it is a case of trail and error. I would guess that the dilaidid that will cause that type of problem as it an opioid type drug which I think is similar or part of the moprhine family of drugs. It is morphine that causes me the problem and as I said my vote would be for the Laxio it works, you add it to water and doesn't taste bad and it works very gently no stomach pains at all.

    I hope you and your GP can narrow all these drugs down to one that works for you.

    Gentle hugs xxx


  • Hi I have had really bad constipation since this time last year it got so bad that the orang e powders where up to 3 a day Dr even gave me senna. I eat loads of fruit inc fresh figs and still bad. I have low platelets and if I go to the loo or just pass wind I bleed like a pig. :-( I only take painkillers if I am in really bad way. I also am trying Magnesium as it help muscles relax. :-) I have bad muscle spasm's and if I strain,or even sneeze my whole stomach and back muscles spasm. That sets off my bowel in a spasm,which causes leg muscles to go too. I am now waiting to find out why.

    I have also used flax seed etc in a milkshake and that used to keep me regular.:-) its getting to that point that I find hard as my muscles are so bad.

    Worth seeing about the drinks and fruit and poss oat's

    Good luck x :-)

    gentle hugs Rainbow (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Hello everyone,

    I too am a fibro sufferer and have Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns Disease which is an inflammatory bowel disease. I have just been discharged from hospital from an episode of either a flare up of my UC or constipation causing a blockage in the bowel. Doctors aren't sure it could be both, or even a virus which is apparently going around at the moment. I now take lactose 20ml 3 times a day plus another prescription type medicine to keep me moving even though I some days 'go' 15 times a day!?!

    Fibro causes so many other problems, the pain relief I take is causing its own problems but they tried in hospital to stop them but I was in such pain the consultant quickly put me back on them!

    Have a rested evening folks oh and let's treat ourselves to quality soft toilet tissue!

  • there is nothing worse than dealing with constipation. it can be so scary dealing with the pain if haven't gone in a couple or few days. i've had ibs for a million years well before fibro and taking all the meds including the narcotics. i find that veggies are impossible to eat and only a few fruits don't upset my stomach. about a year ago i started taking amitiza twice a day plus miralax. i still deal with the pain and swelling of the ibs but rarely am constipated. also, drink lots and lots of water. agree about nice quality soft toilet paper. we just bought a toto toilet that has a seat warmer and a light that goes on when sit down. it also is designed so the toilet tends to clean itself when flushed. can't wait until we install it. there are lots of other toto's to chose from including ones that will clean and dry you.

  • i have had ibs since i was about 17 iv tried every thing u can think of, i eventualy found 2 tablets that help me 1 by chance i bought from tesco but it was £7odds so i asked the doc about it and u can get it on prescription, the 2 i take is colpermin, which is just peppermint oil and the other is merbrentyl, i couldnt live without these tablets now lol, if ur in pain just now another thing that helps is a cup of boiled water and just sip it till its finished try n drink it as warm as u can though, dont add anything to it cause it wont help if u do, hope this helps u xx

  • Hi

    I take a 1000mg vitamin C supplement every day and drink ginger tea every day to help

  • Hi there, I too get constipated due to meds, I echo what a lot of people have said here, but my gp also said that I was to increase the amount of water that I drink hugely.... At least 8 glasses a day, seemed like a lot to start with but it has made a huge difference, also knowing that I'm not great with wheat, given that I do eat porridge, but normally not during the summer he said to eat 2 oatabix each day, which I have, and that too has made my life so much easier..... Good luck with your appt, it must be today or tomorrow ? Anyway hope it all goes well for you :-)

    Foggy x

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