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immune system

Hi guys not been on for a while due to fibro pains etc as explained in my last post. I then came down with what I thought was a cold, which the symptom of are still with me, but have also got suspected chicken pox. I had it really bad when i was 5 in the heat wave of 1976 it was inside and outside the body and i suffered bad. However since then I have had 2 boys and 2 nieces and have worked with children in nurseries and school when teaching for over 16 years and did not catch a thing.

After my 4 yrs of recovering from PTSD I get diagnosed with fibro in august. I come on here and found a massive support and advice group and start to accept the diagnosis. I therefore have started to go out and meet people and even voluntary started to attend a back to work force group and met some lovely people and then get this.

My question is ..does fibro cause a lack in the immune system?

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Hi Pebbles, my understanding from my dr is that Fibro is auto immune linked . Quite how I'm not sure, but one odd thing, I am a twin and my brother has psoriasis which is an auto immune disorder and I have fibro......

If you look up the links on the web it makes for interesting reading.

I'm glad you have found the forum helpful and that you are making moves in your life to interact with other people again.

Well done you :-) :-)

Foggy x


thank you reading about it now x


I honestly do not know pebbles but I would sure Like to know too if it does :)

Good to see you back :)

I think it is but can't explain how or why I just know within me that it does, the infections and the skin problems that I constantly have would suggest there's a link somehow :o

I get psoriasis all over my head and then my elbows and patches that just randomly appear, I had exzema (can't spell it) as a child as well as severe acne and as an adult folliculitis. How much of this is connected to fibro I have no idea nor whether any or how much of it is connected to the HMS because its a collagen disorder....shaking head as what this has to do with it beats me now!

I lost my point pebbles, when I stumble back across it I shall be back :o

xx zeb xx


lol oh zeb you make me laugh xxx thank you for your comments/thoughts tho xxx


Interesting indeed. Years ago my GP said that any type illness on top of the fibro makes fibromyalgia worse. It escalates what is already there. Fibro does seem to affect our immune system and can make us feel unwell very quickly and our bodies seem to feel everything that is going on. I have eczema and IBS and that is definately brought to the fore when I am stressed on under par.

Tannels x


Thank you for you reply...yes I have been in lots of pain and the tiredness is just really getting me down. My house is not getting cleaned as I just dont have the energy. Does this ever lift up and say 'oh hang on i will give you a break for a week or two' so that we can catch up on the 'normal everyday' things that need doing? felling really down and as if i cant cope at the mo. :-(


Hi Pebbles, is does get better, hang on there. But be careful not to do too much when you have a better day, as it has a knock on effect the next couple of days. Don't worry too much about the house cleaning; I know easier said than done. Just do what you can and pat yourself on the back for doing what you can do, not what you can;t do. It is really hard sometimes to get through, but you will get some days that are more bearable. Just cope with what you feel ok with and get plenty of rest.

Take care

Tannels x

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aww thank you hunni. That is the problem i do far to much when feeling good and do suffer for weeks afterwards. I did some ironing yesterday..sat on sofa with ironing board low..i ironed 10 t shirts (mans) and now my left arm is really painful and my hands tingling like glass stabbing them...also very dizzy..i hate it. so I do do small bits when i can but still feel exhausted xxx just gotta live with it i suppose xx


Hi ive just come back from Gp & the answer is yes !

Apparently this is how it all starts . Most people have had it there past a virus or illness or just a time in there life that has ran there immune System down . It leaves something dormant in your body over the years it your life is free of another illness or stress it heals . But if you have another illness or stressful time it can attack your system & course things like fibro , lupus , ms .

Most people with fibro have have some kind of illness that they thought they had gotten over but it left scars behind & because we tend to be the kind of people that try to keep going through everything we don't really ever heal so damage our immune System time & time again until it gives in . Its also linked to woman who have bad monthly's or pmt as the Hormone imbalance damages out Systems as well .

My Gp said its like 3 stories then out depending what king of virus you had before .

Amazing how he has gon from not caring to knowing all of this in a few months . It may of had something to do with me nearly dying from food poisoning when he said it was just my Irritable bowel playing the whole week ??

apparently you can build your immune System up but it can take years & you have to get small bugs & fight them with no medical help ??? Witch is not good when you have fibro & work. I've got a stinking head cold at the min & a full week at work with a sale on & geting ready for Xmas . I say give me the drugs lol

Love Kuga xx


Hi..thank you for your reply/advice above. i am yet to see my doc as he is a waste of space really..just keeps throwing pain killers at me instead of ..well im not sure just really taking its toll on me at mo.

I truly hope you feel better and hey..take ya own advice and take some time for yourself otherwise you aint gonna get better are you!!? Real soft hugs being sent your way...minus the chicken pox lol. xx


Err bless thanks ill take the hugs & send you some back


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