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Don't think I can take anymore of this!

At the moment I work full time but it's no 9-5 I work 8 hour shifts between 7am and 11pm. But I feel like my work is taking over my life! I have 2 young children and feel like I don't get to spend much time with them because if I'm not at work I'm too tired and my husband feels really neglected.

My work don't care and when I tell them I feel ill I just get oh ok.

I feel really emotional today as this has all become way too much and don't know how to get on with it

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Sorry to hear you are feeling so low right now. Is there any way you can ask your work about reducing your hours? You can't keep going like this. Your health is important. Have you had a talk with your husband about how you feel? Also a chat with your GP might be a good idea. Take care.


bless your hart i no what your going through as i was the same at i point working being mum an girlfriend keeping everythin together untill i started to fill ill weak /headaches/not sleeping/pains everywere/angry/fruststrated not nowing wot was wrong an hideing how was feeling trying to stay strong for the family did work for a while untill one day i had a break down not saying you will but please dont do wot i did an pretent your ok you should go to your gp. then tell your job you need to have some time off or cut your hours honestly i went to a horroble place for a while lucky i had an have a understanding boyfrien an son im ok now but still have up/down days but please look after yourself babe health comes first.hope you get all the help you need an any time you need a shoulder /ear email me take care.


Thanks for your replies I'm having a meeting with my HR team on wed so going 2 ask then about cutting my hours


Hi Hols15. I soooo know what you are going through. I too work full time, working with children which is a drain at the best of times. I have thought many many times that I just can't go on with working and trying to live.

At the moment I am unable to even afford to go part time, not too sure I would have that opportunity at work!!!! Like you I use ALL my energy going to work, by the time the weekend comes I don't have the energy to do anything, I don't go anywhere or do anything. If I do I just end up making my situation worse.

I had a bad flare in September and all I wanted to do was pack work in. The flare has passed and feel a little better. For me and I'm sure a lot of us our mood and pain has a great impact on how we think at the time. I was at the doctors last week, I ended up crying and telling her I couldn't cope I have no energy and sick of being in pain. I know it's not always the answer but she started me on Gabapentin, I haven't started them yet as I don't think at mo I could cope with work and side affects I'll start them at half term.

My GP wanted to sign me off for a week to get myself together, would this be an option for you? Maybe it's just what you need a week of just pottering and spending with your children without the drain of work.

I really do feel for you and I fully understand. Go to your GP as for help.

Maybe time off is just what you need.

I don't have children and I can't imagine how hard that must be, especially when you are feeling like you are. Please take some time off. Ease some of the pressure.

Let me know what you decide and how you get on.

Thinking of you

Sending healing hugs. Xx

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Thank you so much. Today is my first day off after 6 days and I haven't got the energy to even get out of bed. The hospital said they don't want to treat it with med at the moment they want to try CBT but am off to the doctors today to see what she says. I had 5 weeks off back at the end of June it helped so much but then I went back to work and as I'm manager was back to running around. I had a melt down in work yesterday as the person taking over from me came in an hour late coz she had a headache.

Will keep you posted on what the doctor says later xx


Hi hols it's ll good and well hosp saying CBT but that takes time and is no fast fix. They don't fully inserts and the fatigue we go through and how could they, no one knows unless you experience it. It does make me laugh when people say in knkackered I haven't slept all night. Try not sleeping for ten years then come back and complain. CBT may work for you but what it sounds like you need is a quick fix. You need to do this before you end up soooo exhausted that you ate no good for anything. We all push ourselves mostly because we still want to believe that we CAN when we can't. See what your doctor says. I was there today for blo tests now testing for thyroid and an ECG. Will know next week the results. Hope you get it sorted. Xx


I know what you mean about it not being a quick fix and overdoing it. The bit about not sleeping I stood there in work having a big melt down because I was feeling so and I hav a UTI as well and shouted at someone I was talking to she comes late coz she's got a headache I feel like I've been hit by a bus and have a UTI have you heard me complaining lol. The doc gave me more amitriptyline and co-dydramol but said this is the last time because the hospital need to treat me now. I have been tested for thyroid and diabetes as it runs in my family and I have a good chance of developing it. It's so fun being me lol. Keep us posted on your tests xxx


Hi I will do. I was up to 50 mg of amitiptyline they didn't reLly work for my sleep, I have been reducing for about 6 months now. I have managed to get to 20 mg but I notice my mood was altering getting v. Emotional and unable to cope, spiriling downwards so 20 mg it is for now, I've got too much going on to reduce further at the moment.

It make me soo mad when people complain about little things compared to what we have to put up with. I the. Have to remind myself ( with difficulty) that it may be a big deal for them!!

I don't want to sound stupid but I am what is aUTI?


Hi there hols15,

I too wrk hard running a small business with kids & it's very very tough , I had to stop physical side as self employed, thought no way can afford as main bread winner, it's actually harder running it than doing it .

It can get you down at times @ working suffering daily is exhausting, so if I was you see your DR & get some 'time out' before you burn out like I did, then it may make your wrk take you seriously that you truly are struggling & have the meeting explaining you love your job but your health is getting better of you & you do not want it affecting your performance ! Ask to go p/t even if easier said than done just to see how goes, as it's better than giving up completely or burning out at wrk.

I cannot give up completely because fact we will have to sell up and start again at bottom after all we worked for, but after Christmas we are selling, I have been sorting housing places on list or rent because HEALTH is more important !

Wishing you some feet up and getting yourself not so much pain.

Ps I was put on gabapentin as desperate to kp working but made me Ill so got lyrica a life saver but maximum now. Xxxxx

Give this med chance to help is all I say x


Thanks for your advise I'm off to the doctors today and then having a meeting with my HR team on wed to see if they can help. X


I hope everything goes ok ! Kp us posted xxxxx


You poor love my heart goes out to you, as I say our government are liars that really want rid of us sick mental people my Gp told me I’ve been a burden on nhs !!! He is a really bad doctor and I want advice on suing him as the support letter he charged me 15 pounds for said I had a drink problem in the past and I don’t drink and have never had a problem with it in my life he also wrote that my son had also had a mental breakdown isn’t that invading my sons privacy? System stinks hun take care I wish I could help


It is very hard Hols15.

A few years ago I had to take the hard decision to go part time as my body couldn’t cope with the full time hours. I was literally sleeping as soon as I got home and sleeping all weekend.

Work fought it but they made the mistake of getting in Occ Health.

They fought my corner and work conceded.

I know that most of us work to live but there comes a point where your health must come first.

Take care of yourself xx


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