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I don't know why I smell the way I do

I am constatnly hot and my armpits, feet, and head sweat all the time. I smell like a wet kitchen cloth that has been left for days. People around sneez and their eyes get wathery. I am bulied at work, yes I am 39 years old and work with adults who talk about me and makes jokes loud enough that I can hear them. I leave work cryiing. I am clean person. I shower , have spent lots of money on deorants . I have been too so many doctors and they tell me that's all in my head. But it's true I know that I smell. I just don't know why

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That's horrible. Some drugs can come out in sweat if I take penicillin I smell like dirty socks. I forget which one I was o long term some years back and I smelt musty. I take a multivitamin which suits my IBS but unfortunately that makes my wee smell musty. Many years back a colleague of mine always smelt and people were always complaining. She did eventually go to a doctor who diagnosed a digestion problem and when this was treated the smell went. She was always immaculate in her appearance with clean hair etc.

I know if you don't drink enough liquids preferably water your sweat can become concentrated so smells so it might be worth trying to increase the amount of water you drink sand see if this helps. My heart goes out to you.x


Hi sweetpants 🌸🌿🦋

Oh Hun I feel sooo badly for you. First of all you are not a horrible person you deserve to love and be loved and treated with respect and dignity.

I have heard of other cases where this had occurred and it was due to a chemical imbalance. Have you seen a dermatologist for this? Have you talked to an endocrinologist for a possible glandular disorder? Have you searched on line for your symptoms and cause ?

I know it has to be terrible and lonely and isolating..,.I’ll be your friend. Again I’m so sorry 😐 you’re going through this dear.

😊🌸 🤗🤗💕💕😘😘


Hi, my friend has found she sweat alot especially around the time of her periods and she's just started the menopause.

She found that femfresh body wash work's very well as its ph balanced and it neutralizes the smell, also mitchum deoderant works very well for her.

The trouble is the more we shower the more your body thinks it has to replace. At least with what I've mentioned you should be able to smell like a fresh daisy xx

Thoes people at work don't deserve your friendship and their opinion is of no consequence xx


I would insist on seeing a dermatologist. Are u on any meds? Look at the side effects? My X was like you he also had halitosis. (Bad breath) gp told him he drank too much fluid and change his diet but it mad4 no difference. He was told he bathed too much too


Hello sweetsparis and a very warm welcome to the group. I am so sorry your been bullied in the work place there is no excuse for their behaviour. If you feel you are been picked on in this way is there someone in charge who you can go and talk and get it stopped ?

There are many reasons some people have strong body odour and in woman it can accour at different times of the month. Most of the time I have found if we are very sensitive to smell we may smell things that others don't. Because we can smell something it does not mean everyone will smell it too.

I found a few tips that may help if you have not already tried them. Also if your feeling upset at work through bullying this can be causing you a great deal of anxiety. Anxiety triggers a release of cortisol, the "stress hormone" that helps prepare you to deal with a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, cortisol also makes you sweat. While sweat alone isn't stinky, when you add it to the bacteria that lives on your skin, you start to smell as bad as you feel.

Body odor is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and is largely linked to the apocrine glands. ... They are scent glands. The apocrine glands are mainly responsible for body odor because the sweat they produce is high in protein, which bacteria can break down easily.

Have you thought about changing your diet ? I know sometimes things I eat can really cause body odour especially the sugar stuff cake,biscuits, chocolate etc

I see you have left your post unlocked You may like to lock it for privacy reasons. If you do this link will show you how. If you need further help with this i am sure the any of the admin team would be happy to help you :)

May I ask do you suffer from fibromyalgia ? Hopefully if you could get help sorting your work troubles out your anxiety would lessen and maybe you would feel less sensitive to the smell of your body odour ((hugs)) xx



Sweet Momo🌸🌿🦋.

Thank you for this wonderful reply...🤗🤗💕💕😘😘

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I agree, it might be worth your while seeing a dermatologist. As for those bullies at work, report them, it's disgusting for you to be treated like this. It's worse than the school playground. Hope you get sorted soon. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hi hun. Feeling for you.

I have a head sweat issue and it's not yet sorted. Trying Clonidine at the moment you may want to speak to your doctor on this. Luckily! I've been sacked for becoming disabled so don't have to put up with nasty colleagues..

I had to cut my lovely long hair and now use a hair wrap that will quickly absorb and stop a sweat spell if at home and take out with me gotten head caps or scarves, available from eBay if I'm out.

Underarm sweating has been dealt with by using Dirclor or Odaban. Available on prescription and over the counter, there are a few other makes also. I found this by talking with my pharmacist many years back.

Good luck 🥀🌺

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