Fibromyalgia ,I can't live with this anymore !

I'm feeling so low and have been for the last few days ,I'm on duluxetin and amatriptaline .but the thing that kills me the most is waking up thats if I have got any sleep !!! And finding that my body has gone all stiff and won't work ,my whole right side of my body from my neck to my feet feels heavy .this is no way to live at 43. Feeling so down at the moment ,they say life's a bitch then you die ! Well I wish death would come sooner. If I'm like this now what will it be like in another 10 years ? I really don't want to think about it

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  • So sorry you're having such a horrible time Ruthyroo, could you maybe go back to your GP and let him know how bad you're feeling? there might be something else he could give to help you. Have you tried Physiotherapy? it can help a bit with the stiffness. This cold weather makes it so much worse. Stay warm and take care of yourself.

    I really hope you feel better soon xx

  • I hear your suffering in your writing I know you have had a tough time lately but the reason you know its difficult is because you remember timenottoolong ago that it was better..anditmaybeagainsoon.first you need to call yourdoctor tell the office directly that your pain is so ele ated that it is affecting your hopeful see and I'm in physical crisrs they should be able to fit you in...but please tell them deliberately how badly you arefeing. IfpInisthepri.aryissue.the doctor likelycN help you with that even ifona temporary basis ImI US...itizmirni are nightimethats some of the hardest times be auseitsbedn a long day,sleepisnonexistent orverylittleatbeztandthe world vets so quiet . I understand exactly how you feel most of us do yoharenotalo swears here with you. TLk to the Doctor when yojseehimm today...that you need pinmNsgementkmmeDistleyeven ifo short-term basis and you want to seem counseling to

  • Continued. I hit send before I meant to...sorry about misspellings. What I was going to suggest is when you ask for an immediate short-term crisis pain intervention help enough that you should be able two pass for what you need, directly and as if it's going to save your life because intervention today will help you feel better. There can be other things that can be done you need to be assertive, it is a matter of your emotional life or death here so treat it accordingly you are worth it. You hear me? I do not even know you and I know that you are because I am you as many of us are... And if today I can feel like I am worthy of a medical professionals help when I am desperate then I feel like you can too. Promise me you'll do that and please reach out again as you need to each and every time. Love and care to you today and everyday


  • Sweetheart, the first grouping of my post is almost unintelligible... The second post says it about the same thing so don't try to decipher the first one too much as I said I hit Send before I meant to... Call your doctor

  • Hi there

    I'm so very sorry that you are feeling so bad at the moment.

    Would you mind me asking if you are on any pain medication?

    The mornings are awful. If you can manage to just move around slowly first thing and get your muscles moving, hopefully that should ease things a little bit.

    Fibro is not a degenerative illness, so does not get worse as time goes on.

    If you are seriously feeling low can I, in the kindest way, possible suggest that you call the Samaritans? Please don't feel offended. I was just wondering if you could talk things through with someone you might feel a little bit better?

    Please make an appointment with your GP. Hopefully he or she will be able to help you with some pain medication or a short course of sleeping tablets. Sometimes upping your dose of Amitryptyline might help with your sleep, but you would have to talk to your doctor about that.

    Being in pain and lack of sleep are enough to make anyone feel how you are at the moment.

    Sending you a gentle hug in the hope that you might feel a bit brighter soon.

    Wishing you wellness and peace

    Lu xx

  • I have sent you a PM :-)

    Clare xxx

  • I am so sorry you are this way, I can relate to mornings and I absolutely dread them, today was both my right and left side neck arms numb and tingling. I know it's painful and I know you have had enough, can hear it from you. Speak to your GP Hun and Katherineann is right take her advice. I really hope for this episode to pass from you soon, we all get days where we can't cope from the pain . Take care Hun .xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to these issues. I would definitely speak to your doctor about how you are feeling and what you are going through.

    I have also pasted you a link to a post relating to the Samaritans that I pinned to the forum recently, and I urge you to reach out and talk to somebody. Please take care of yourself:

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi honey, just wanted to say hi really and hope you feel better soon. You have lots of brilliant advice here so I won't repeat what everyone else has said.

    Just sending a hug & some Luv xx

  • Hi Ruthyroo12345,

    We all understand how you feel - I have had fibro for 32 years :(. Let me tell you what works for me with reference sleeping. I take Melatonin 3mg, muscle relaxant, Lyrica 75mg, LDN made the biggest change for sleeping and then I top it off with a dose of cannabis oil 1mg. After 25 years of hardly sleeping, I sometimes even sleep through the night - in spite of having two dogs and a cat on my bed haha. Do not despair - try these remedies and it will work.

  • Have you been referred to the Pain Management team. It sounds as if they could really help you with managing and accepting the pain you have. I've been in the space you seem to be in several times but with help I've learnt to accept and manage and with that acceptance has come improvement.

    Good luck


  • Hi , I've had pain management In the past , and to be told week after week that the pain is all in your head and not real ,well that nearly finished me off so I stopped going to her. Even my man who came with me to these meetings was astonished at what she was saying .my man has phantom pains a lot as he lost a leg 21years ago in a motorcycle crash and all he can do is take cocodymal and take to his bed.I have accepted my conditions mentally but when your in pain your in pain as it hurts. So I will give it a miss .but thank you anyway☺

  • Hi my dear, I am 42 and have a five year old daughter that I wanted to dress every morning to school but can't most of the time. Be strong when you feel like that call some one or text someone. I am going throught the same thing and I was a very independent person have life today is a gift. Wish you all the best

  • Hi Ruthyroo.I live in Stoke on trent,longton I noticed in my doctors on a poster their is a meeting for fybromyalgia that is the last Tuesday of every month I will have to get the phone number for you,also I have been in a lot of pain these last few months more than usual had a blood test found I had low vit D been taking vit D last 3 weeks feeling slightly better,so worth asking for blood test if haven't already.hope you can get sorted it's horrible to be in pain all the time.

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