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Restlessness or anxiety I don't know

2 years with fibro 37 year old female mother of 3 beautiful girls and lately I've been having nights where I can't sleep it's been 5 days now every night where I lay down and my body won't relax its almost like I have to keep moving to feel normal. Really starting to scare me I know with my fibro I'm up some nights with pain but this feeling is almost like a anxious feeling like I can't stay still. Anyone with fibro every have these feelings? I am a survivor of viral meningitis recovered in August this year I did have symptoms of anxiety but a lot I felt was my meds I was on but haven't been on them since beginning of August. And made a full recovery. I feel like I'm losing my mind at times I don't know guess I'm really scared 😔 It only happens at bed time 😒 I don't take any meds anymore as I was taking lyrica and Cymbalta but I've been off those for A month and half now as I wanted to try a more natural way. I'm just exhausted of feeling not normal anymore 😔

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Hiya Day7 sorry your going through this. I went through a case of feeling really scared a bedtime. If I woke to use the bathroom I'd have this overwelming feeling of test. I take amitrytiline at night for restless legs and have slept through the night most of the time. I was taking Gabapentin at the time but since coming off them I don't get that feeling anymore or feel so fatiques. May be a coincidence I don't know. I hope you can get to the bottom of this. Talk to your doc. You may need to see someone to talk the anxiety through. Good luck and remember you have survived Meningitis and you will fight this too xx


Oh dear you are in a pickle Day7.....I may be wrong but it sounds to me as if you need something to get you back into the habit of sleeping...there are quite a few tablets available from your chemist without prescription. It may be worth asking your pharmacist about them. Your anxiety feelings probably go into overdrive when getting ready for bed as you are worried it will be another night with no sleep!! I appreciate your wanting not to take pills and tablets but sometimes we have to if Mother Nature isn't doing her job right!!! I really hope you begin to feel better very soon..x


It seems as though lack of sleep and the anxiousness that comes with it is giving you anxiety for the next night. It is a vicious cycle and needs to be broken before you can feel better.

I think it might be a good idea to talk to your pharmacist about this as there are natural, non addictive medications that could help you, and as Trikki says sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand.

There are other things which you could try like not going on anything electronic like a phone, television or laptop within an hour of bed. Also getting used to a routine like warm bath, malty drink, reading and listening quietly to a radio on your bedside table. One way to relax is to scrunch up your toes for ten seconds, then let them go, the same with your calves, then thighs and work your way up through the muscle groups of your body.

If you have given it an hour and still not nodded off then get up, go to the loo, have a drink then go back and start again.

Sometimes sleep doesn't happen because we have eaten the wrong things near bedtime. Cola or other fizzy drinks are full of sugar which gives you energy, something you don't need at night. Strangely lettuce is a sleep inducer, but I'm not sure a salad is what you feel eating late at night!

Do put your clock out of reach and facing the wall. This will help prevent you from watching the hours passing and I can speak from experience that it works. Also I keep two dry biscuits by so I can settle better. If you had your evening meal at 6pm and are still awake at midnight you could be hungry.

I hope you find the above useful.



Hi Day7

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you have been struggling and suffering and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you all for the encouraging words seems like tonight I'm having the same feelings mostly in my legs. During the day i feel good but when I seem to sit or lay down the restlessness comes on and almost like my legs get the most sensations. I feel like I have to keep moving them for it to be normal feeling. I've looked up RLS and truly hope it's not that or if it is I need to get it under control now. It's such a uneasy feeling 😔


Hi, Day7, I'm sorry to hear about your sleep troubles. It can really bring you down.

Have you tried a relaxation cd? I use a Paul McKenna one & find it helps me to drift off. I have also recently got myself a ladycare magnet (from Boots) & have been having 5hrs sleep most nights. I often wake & read for an hour or so & then go back to sleep.

As for the possible rls, my mum has that & takes amyltriptaline (which made me ill ) & says she would never give it up.

I have got some relief from a tens machine, putting the pads in the crease between my leg & my buttock.

I hope you find relief soon.


I failed to mention I had a cortisone shot in my foot 5 days ago and this is exactly when the symptoms started happening. May not be tied together but I was fine up until then


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