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Just a catch up !

Hi everyone just a short catch up on me going back to work .

I love it i a ake like i don't know what but then we all do that every day don't we . But its grate to back out there . Its hard work but I've never known. A job that wasn't im managing by doing a lot of short shifts so i can rest other in a morn or after work .

Because of my training ive gotto do 3 all day shifts next week witch im dreading a bit , but on the bright side i get 4 days of to rest , in between cooking cleaning seeing the family food shopping . But all in all my mood is lifted & it be nice to have some money at the end of the month & pay my bills witch is taking some of the stress of to .

Lets just hope we don't have to bad a winter & my body holds up

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hi Kugagirl 1 it has inspired me reading your message, I am pleased for you being back in work, I too am trying to find a small job with short shifts like you and long for that good feel factor again, hope it goes well for you and hope I can do the same soon xx


Thank you & I'm shore you will . if i cam say anything its just in your own time find somthing you love to do it makes it easier to motivate your self to go when having a bad day .

Good luck hope you find somthing soon xx


Thanks Kugagirl1 yes its got to be something I enjoy, there,s nothing worse than going to a job you don't enjoy, I agree we do need motivation when we feel bad, Good luck with yours and thanks again xx


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