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Hi all fellow fm sufferers I'm sorry not been on for a few days but things have spiralled out of control and not been able to do a thing for myself I ache from head to toe still no amount of pain killers have helped and my gp still won't do a thing about changing my meds I'm sick of this I've been in bed for the last fees days struggling to even go to the toilet I really do hate my life right now and unless something is done then I don't know what il do just cannot cope much more

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  • don't give up hun if still bad monday (hope not ) then call the doctor out and them may be if he sees you wene you are truly bad then he will come to see . that wene you go you are good for fb suferes and wene you are bad then you need all the help he can give . and if he still whant help then keep calling him out every day untill he sees that this is not you being silly . and keep calling untill he helps or if posibel change your doctor . it is time that all doctors recanised this as an illness soft hugs and just keep going hun you can do it we are all hear for you

  • Thanx

  • Oh please dont get yourself too down, it is horrible when you feel like no one is listening but if you are not happy with your Gp then ask to see another one i very rarely see my actual GP i often see the nurse practioner or a locum but i must say they are all very good but thatbis just lucky, you are in a flare up as am i good few weeks now who knows how long it will last but please try to keep a smile on your face and try to talk to someone if you cant talk show them what you have written, Come on now it will pass its not nice feeling like that but on here there is always someone to talk to and share things with you are never alone please remember that and i know it is hard to believe but i always say to myself there is someone worse off than me it does work sometimes, you take care now and chin up love to you diddle xxx

  • babe im as depressed as you are i feel as lonley as you i have a gp that believes me but my family and children dont its a really hard place your in and my heart goes out to you but please believe ppl do care you can ask for a different doctor babe get them to come out and see you as soon as possible hun let them see how you are if your still in same situation take someone else with you to the gp and ask them to write to the manager at the practise and complain that you are being ignored your gp is belittleing you and the experiance of visting the practice was a total waiste of time as the gp just didnt take you seriously and ignored you when you told him a liist of symptoms but please dont lie down and take this treatment babe make them sit up and listen to you

    love and gentle hugs call if you want a chat 07717409353 xxx

  • Hi David, you hang in there, its like several comments have said we really do know what you are going through. I keep telling myself and others One musn't weaken. xxx lol Take care we are all here for you.

  • Hi David I have just come from a dark lonely place so really know how you are feeling, I agree you need to change your G.P In the end I have to give myself a real good talking too and slowly and surely make my way back again. Just keep on until you get somewhere but don't give up I know I am new but looks to me like there are lots of people here to help you, and don't forget that the Samaritans are always there in your darkest hour really hope you wont need them but know it has helped a few fibro sufferers thought it might be worth saying thinking of you and sending oodles of (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))

    Love Ruby xx

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