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Has anyone else had this?

I work at school in year one, so been on my Xmas holidays, on Gabapentin, thought on first day that they were helping but they are not, my fibro is getting worse but this happened for the first time,

I went back to work this morning, just for the morning, very very busy but was so so so tired and achy that by end of it I was struggling to speak, it was like my mouth wouldn't work, has anyone had this happen to them, I don't know why it happened.

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Hi do you mean you were lost for words and when you started to formulate an answer your mouth could not seem to articulate. Both sound like forms of Fibro Fog and this is quite debilitating you seem permently behind the ball as it were. Sorry I have not got a better answer some one else may have. Keep trying and dont be hard with yourself

I hope tomorrow is a better day




No not lost for words, can't explain but it was like my lips wouldn't form what I was trying to say. It was very odd.


Had something like that with getting my legs moving when the autopilot that normally runs these things has thrown the towel in so I sat there wondering how you send the right signals. Overdone things and the body has blown a fuse stopping you doing more.


you are not alone in this, i sometimes know what i want to say but my mouth wont cooperate. I stop. take a deep breath to relax me and then try again.

For me it has always worked first time.

I have also read about it being part of fibro, but it was a bit vague and i cant remember where.

Sue xx


Hi littlejan

I would keep a record of this kind of symptom / side effect and take it with you to discuss with your GP? As it could be caused by the Gabapentin or it could be another symptom of your Fibro? (or another condition?). As I am not a doctor I cannot really say for sure? If these things keep happening I would go back to your GP sooner rather than later.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Ken I gave now put it on my calendar thank you, I have out my gabapentin up to 2 x 3 times a day as of Sunday.


Thank you for all your replies, soooo tired this morning, would rather go back to bed than go to work this morning lol.


I get what sounds like this when exhausted, and it becomes worse when trying to multitask. for example, I can't walk and carry a cup of coffee while talking. My mouth just simply won't work. And the ability to speak is the first thing that "goes" for me when tired. Hope you manage to get some rest and feel better. xx


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