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Hi hope everyone is having a good day today. I have a question about fibroids. Does anyone know much about them??

Hi, I am trying to find out a bit more about fibroids. Mine measures 12 cm x 8 cm x 9 cm. It feels quite heavy, and now I can't lie on one side as it is becoming uncomfortable. It is pushing my bladder to one side, and I am having a cystoscopy on the 12 th November. Has anyone had one, how was it?? Also, anyone had surgery to remove a fibroid?? Wondered what the recovery time is after surgery?? Sorry about all these questions, but never had one of these horrible things before, so just want to find out more about it all. Thanks, and plenty of hugs xx

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Hi my daughter-in-law, who is 22, has these. She has just had her 2nd child and she had to have regular checks because they are hormone based. They think that she has 2. 1 very large, sorry can't remember the sizes and the second 1 is in front and a bit smaller. This may sound strange but they didn't notice the large 1 at first because of how big it is. This is also the 1 that has calcified so has been there for quite a while. As we understand they are a mass and are hormone fed but can bleed independently because of this. Thankfully her pregnancy and labour were very good and she only lost 1litre of blood this time, last time it was 2.4 litres and they took 40 minutes to work on her to control it afterwards. When she is not pregnant they are very stable and she is able to cope but I would like her to get them sorted out before she gets pregnant again lol. I wish I could help more but that is all we really know at the moment. It might be me asking you questions in a few months when she has to decide what to do with hers. Take care xx


i had them about 6 years ago and had them removed by baloon inalation was fine after 3 days


Thanks for that. Have a nice evening xxx



I'm sorry I can't help with the fibroids but I can give you my experience of a cystoscopy.

Firstly they could see how anxious I was, so were understanding when I couldn't follow simple instructions, (my brain goes to mush!). I had to lay on my back with knees drawn up and apart, like for a gynae examination. Some cold gel anaesthetic was lightly put on the urethra and a seemingly long, (probably wasn't!) tube like a catheter with a camera on the end was inserted. I could see on the screen where he was looking inside, he said some medical type jargon which I didn't really understand and then turned his attention to me and pointed out all the debris floating in my bladder and said it was related to the constant uti s I was having. He checked the non-return valves in both ureters to ensure they were working properly, and he had a good look round before taking the camera out.

It didn't take long, and you don't need a sedative or anything like that.

It did not hurt at all, just a little discomfort trying to hold the position, (I have spinal problems) and I did feel a bit exposed even though they tried to keep my modesty. I was able to use the loo soon after without problems.

I had to go on low dose antibiotics for six months which helped keep me clear for a year and more.

Hope this helps.


Hi, thanks very much for that info. You've put my mind at rest a bit. Have a nice evening xxx


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