Hi All I have a question about Self-propelled wheelchairs

I am looking into getting a wheelchair as I am having problems when out walking as I can not walk far :(

I have been told that I may only be allowed to get an electric due to my fibro. :'( Do I have the right to specifically ask for a light weight self-propelled wheelchair as my top half of my body isn't affected by my FM.

I have seen a wheelchair I can get from the NHS and wheelchair voucher scheme called "Quickie Wheelchair"

PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me out.

I am determined not to have an electric wheelchair as I want to build strength in my arms. I have been told that my weight will make it harder to push myself but after I come off my holiday I am going determined to lose as much weight I can and help myself more :D

Thanks xx

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  • Hi you can go for self propelled but a scooter is so much more pleasurable our lives our hard enough why make it harder~ so I have a scooter goodluck xgins

  • I have just found some information on the Internet about someone who has FM and uses a self-propelled wheelchair, also using the "quickie" chairs I have been looking at. I am wanting to build my upper body strength.

    Plus a could use the quickie wheelchair in my flat :)

    I might look at getting a scooter when I'm a little older :) I only found out yesterday my sister was embarrassed seeing me using a a scooter.


  • Hi there Susan why would your sister be embarrassed to see you using a scooter, there but for the grace of God go her, how old is your sister....as long as you find comfort and ease as gins says we have enough to cope with why make life harder for yourself, hope you get what YOU want and find more beneficial, gentle hugs ...Dee x

  • She told me yesterday, but I could tell cause from her body language when we were in asda using their scooter as I had walked to the store and I was in pain. My sister is 27 years old :)

  • so sorry to hear that, is she older than you or younger, how do you feel about her being embarrassed :)

  • Older by 3 years, Problem I have with her and my dad is they don't understand the pain I go threw everyday. My sister thinks if I go in a wheelchair I will lose seft-esteem. I don't see how that is. But I think it wont as lower my self-esteem. But then people will see I have a disability and that I'm not just lazy.


  • has either of them read anything about fibro, because if they haven't then ask gins to tell you where abouts you can down load the information on this site for them to read,...bSusan dont get a wheelchair just to make people believe you aren't lazy, you know how much pain you are in and you kow your not lazy and that is all that matters, fibro is a very nasty debilitating condition, and those that dont have it dont understand, or they don't want to understand, your Dad and your sister are just lucky they dont have it, me, I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy...gentle hugs for you..Dee x

  • No I'm seriously looking to make my life so much easier and pain free. I have have them information but if they have read it that I can't tell you. Well I was speaking to adult services and they said I can't have a manual chair bcoz 1. Of my fibro (which is rubbish cause I have found information online about people who have fibro and use a manual chair) and 2. Cause of my weight (which is possibly true but I have looked at "quickie w.chairs" that can take max of 125 kg which is 19.6 stone or max of 140 kg which is 22 stone, I'm not 22 stone I'm 18 but looking at going to slimming world so I can lose some weight).

    So if someone tells me I can't have a lightweight quickie w.chair cause of my weight I'm going to tell them to put it where the sun doesn't shine as I have done my homework.

    All I need to find out is how much it's going to cost me.


  • Hi sorry I'm not able to give advice on self propelled wheelchairs, though can say that I know people who gone to Slimming a world and have been very successful and lost weight quickly and not gone hungry - within a lovely supportive group. Good wishes.

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