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Apologies for not being around lately

I have not been on here of late due to all sorts of reasons. We went away on holiday end of August. Husband took ill and had to come home. He ended up in hospital with severe kidney infection. Was taken by ambulance to A&E initially, then onto the ward. Ward in for about a week and still at home recovering. Nightmare, he is self employed and (no work-no pay) as the saying goes. So trying to sort everything out at the moment. He has quite a demanding job of driving long distances and now feels it is time to find something a little easier; due to having a kidney illness four years ago. Life is never what you want it to be....but my main concern is him getting better.

On a good note, I was waiting for results of my 'Bence Jones' test to come back; which took quite a few weeks; as being recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease early stages. Good news; all is normal, thank goodness.

Hugs to all and to Foggy for sending me a lovely email, which I appreciated very much.

Tannels xxxx

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Hi Tannels,

Firstly you have no need to apologise you have obiously had a really rough time of late. Glad both your husband and your self are better and brilliant news about your tests.

It is lovely to have you back



Awwwwwwww lovely to have you back, I've missed you !! I have wondered how things had gone, I'm so sorry about your hubby - both of your with kidney problems, that's horrid. :-( I think his decision to take on a less demanding job though might be a good idea, but he will need to recover properly first.

But good news about the Bence Jones test, still not great having early stages of kidney probs, but not the worse option, so glad that has been excluded.

I'm sure you will settle back into the forum very soon, we are having some fun as well as serious things, so join in and let us bolster your spirits :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hi tannels glad you're back and pleased that you and hubby are getting better :)

Excellent news about your test results too

lots of fluffy cuddles for you and hubby to use to recouperate

Not sure giggle fluffies are appropriate for you both right now but when you're feeling better they'll keep you amused :)



Hi Guys and thanks, your all so lovely. I do really look forward to all the posts we get on the site and it certainly does brighten my day. It's ok Zeb I don't mind giggle fluffies, goodness me I have had to laugh over the last couple of weeks or I would have gone round the friggin drain pipe lol!!

Hugs to all xxxx


Hi Tannels, glad to have you back, sorry your husband has been poorly. Don't worry about being missing we all disappear now and then due to different things going on in our lives or just not feeling up to it.

I hadn't been posting much recently but always pop on to read posts and they cheer me up:)


Hi Mary, thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Tannels x


Hi Tannels

So sorry to hear of your troubles.

I hope your husband is improving now.

I think many of us dip in and out of here at times.

Sometimes due to the way ATOS and the DWP treat us, the stories I hear on this site sometimes actually scare me away!

I failed my medical but have since had my formal diagnosis. However, I don't hold out much hope of winning my claim as I always look so well, and am lucky enough to be able to walk (apart from when I first get up in the mornings).

I'd love nothing more than return to work, but I know I just can't do it anymore.

It's good to have you back.

Keep us updated on your husband.

I wish you both well.

Come on and have a good rant if you need to. I think we all need to vent it at times :)


Coz xx


Hi Coz, thanks for your reply. It seems you have had your fair share with ATOS and DWP, but don't give up. The form filling is a nightmare, I have been at it all week for hubby. I might take you up on having a good rant lol.

Tannels xx


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