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WARNING - not all aches are Fibro !


Good morning people - I would like to share my recent experience with you - I've suffered from fibromyalgia for over 14 years after an accident at work :-( I usually manage "flare ups" really well (rest and pacing)

However, 3months ago, I started to get a pain in my left, front shoulder and I assumed it was Fibro related, so I ignored it and took pain killers as usual (big mistake) I visited my g.p. and TOLD him it was my Fibro flaring up - another BIG MISTAKE

On the 1st August, I suffered a heart attack - (blood tests confirmed this the following day )

I'm at home now, thankfully recovering :-)

The angiogram is clear (no blocked arteries or stents needed) its my actual heart muscle that caused the attack :-(

Please, please don't assume EVERY pain that you get is your fibromyalgia "flaring up" - that was my "avenue of thought" and it almost cost me my life :-(

Thank you to the wonderful ambulance guys and the staff in the "TAKE HEART WARD" at LEEDS GENERAL INFIRMARY - they were all amazing :-)

They do a fabulous job and nothing is too much trouble for them - YES, there are times when you wait for your "buzzer" to be answered but hey, I wasn't the only patient on the ward !!!

YES, the food wasn't always perfectly cooked and to my liking but again, I wasn't the only patient in the hospital !!!

All things taken into consideration, my experience of the whole incident was a big WELL DONE and THANK YOU from the bottom of my "still beating HEART"

Tina x

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OMG Tina, that is awful. So glad you are better. You just rest and relax now and take things easy.

Jan x

Bearess in reply to janlou

Hi - thank you for your kind words / you take care too :-)

Tina :-)

Good to hear you are better. And yes, it's timely warning as we all tend to assume everything is fms related.

Take care.


Bearess in reply to jillylin

Thank you :-)

Yes we do think every pain is Fibro related - unfortunately on this occasion I was wrong, very wrong :-)

Thank goodness my friend insisted on calling the emergency services - he is an ex police officer and recognised the symptoms of a heart attack due to his medical training whilst being in the police force ;-)

Take care :-)

Good gracious! Glad you're ok. It's still too early in my experience with fibro to put everything I get down to it. Hopefully I never will.

My grandfather had a heart attack recently and was misdiagnosed by two doctors as having a lung infection. It wasn't until a week after his attack that another doctor correctly diagnosed him and he was in hospital to have all the relevant treatment. He didn't need a stent either and the doctors were apologetic. In a less strong person that would have been fatal but even at the age of 92 he's one of the strongest people I've ever known, health wise.

Keep getting better. :)


Bearess in reply to ladytelita

Thank you :-)

I hope your grandfathers health continues to improve - what a fabulous age :-)

The longer you've had him, the sweeter life becomes I would imagine ;-)

Take care :-)


Scary! But glad you are ok...think we all tend to put every ache and pain down to our illness, a lesson to be learned.

Oh Tina, what an awful, but eye opening experience for you, and I am so so pleased that you have come through it well. I hope that with all the tests done you can now rest and recuperate and get stronger ! :-)

I was very lucky earlier this year, I started having pain across my collarbone and into my jaw and shoulder. I came on here and everyone advised me to call for an ambulance, very hard for me to do as I never feel I'm worth worrying about, also I thought it was just a spasm. Anyway the ambulance came and did all the tests! ECG etc and thank goodness, this time I was right it was spasm, but I was so thankful for the advice I received here. The medics were so so nice and said they would always prefer to have a call out to find nothing wrong, than to miss a possible life threatening situation.

I completely agree with you, we all need to be aware that not everything is down to our Fibro and we do need to be cautious, just like anyone not enduring Fibro .

Good luck and a speedy recovery :-)

Foggy x

Hi foggy, sorry I didn't reply earlier, I've just seen your message - thank you, I'm feeling much better now, it's almost 6 weeks since the attack.....so glad to hear your frightening episode wasn't heart trouble / we've got enough to contend with, haven't we ?

I've been for an MRI scan and been told I've got chronic heart disease :-( at least I know now and i can deal with the problem .... Hope you're keeping well ? I really enjoy reading your posts and the photos are fab....the area you live in sounds idyllic :-)

Keep smiling - Tina

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