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I am so sorry I haven't been on for a few weeks. I want to be open and honest as this is a group we can share how we really feel about things. I have had a terrible melt down and been put on a it depressants which the first lot was far to strong for me, they have now given me a lower dose but waiting to start feeling better.

Health wise I have had a dreadful time with my own family ESP, my son who keeps telling me to pull myself together and I'm getting fat because I am just sitting around eating al the time which is not true.(I am eating more than I should though)

I have been waiting for three months to attend an appointment at Oxford for GET therapy which I have since found out is a gentle exercise programme of stretching. I rang up the hospital as I felt it was a long time and would enquiry how the list was going and were I was placed?

Only to be informed that it has been decided that I won't be having this now and would be on a waiting list for CBT ? I have a right leg that drags now can't walk with out sticks and further than to the car and into either. Wheelchair. They told me on the phone they had no notes about this from the the professor and therefore would have to contact him and ask what should be done? How annoying I have been sat waiting all this time and if I had not contacted them I wouldn't have known any different.

I feel stressed all the time and really felt so low I couldn't come on the group and explain as I am sure we all have such a lot to deal with.

I did receive some good news this morning by letter I have been told I am entitled to the PIP and will get the low rate care and high rate mobility payment (I was receiving the mobility before)

I hope your all keeping as well as you can.

Putting a picture up of what I have been making for a friends Christmas present.

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Love what you have made for your friend. I am sorry your family are not being supportive I know how that can be but 3 of my children out of 4 have fibro so know what it's like they are still able to work at the moment which is a good thing. My eldest hasn't spoken to me for over 2 years and part of the problem was/is my disability he didn't want me using my crutches at his wedding like it was something I could choose to use or not and on his wedding day it had snowed anyway so there is no way I would have gone without the sticks.

It is very difficult when family don't understand. I have been turned down for lots of different treatments recently even the pain clinic as I desperately need yo move and they all feel until I move there is no point in giving me any kind of treatment.

Never feel guilty about coming on here if this is a place where people know what it's like then use it chat it sometimes helps just to write how you are feeling down or you may read something that you haven't tried that may help you.

Sending you gentle hugs

Take care




I so want to give you a big gentle hug. I am so sorry your family can't accept your illness. I hope you get the help you need. You are a very talented lady, your gift is absolutely beautiful. Well done you.x


Hope you feel better soon, love the colours of that bedspread, beautiful 😃

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Hi Waterbottle

Please do not apologise, and I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have so much going on for you at this time. I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon. I really love your latest work it is wonderful, you really are good at crocheting.

Please take care of yourself

All my hopes and dreams for you



That bedspread is absolutely lovely, your friend will be thrilled. I'm sad to hear you are in a bad place at the moment, I do hope things will improve for you soon. We are always here to lend a sympathetic ear, I like to think we are a bit like a family on here. An Internet family, who do understand!

Hugs from MariLiz


Thank you for your kind words, today I have just about managed with my husbands help to get showered and not I am so tired having to sit down again for a rest, but will keep in mind I can come in anytime.

Hope your all well today as well don't mean to be selfish just talking about myself


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