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Employment Booklet is now available!


Our new Employment Booklet is now available to view online! There is a booklet for both employees as well as employers on making the workplace more suitable for someone living with fibromyalgia.

Many people ask us about employment, and how can they properly explain the condition to their management so this booklet will be useful for situations such as these.

Please like and share to make others aware of this new booklet.

📲 You can view all of our booklets including the employment ones online now below at fmauk.org/publications

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Excellent 🌻

Marvellous! Thanks

Reading this employers booklet makes me sad as I was given very little support at my former job I had to give up- I got voluntary redundancy. Nobody seemed to understand my conditions as I have other health issues apart from fibro and had access to work to come and assess me and they said I needed a special chair for which I was denied. Only through the support of occupational health and the union did I get my voluntary redundancy. I loved my job but people just don't understand. X

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