The use of tumeric as a pain killer

I have been reading a lot about using Tumeric as a pain killer for helping with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis pain and other inflammation. I thought someone had asked of the effectiveness it is a highly effective painkiller and could be useful to us in our armour against pain.

The dose it would seem must be kept below 1500 a day and of course it does have

quite a few side effects that need to be taken into consideration.

I have had a long look and have made the decision to try it but watch the side effects there are more than I would have liked.

However, I am a believer in natural medicine so perhaps it is the WAY .

tAake a look xgins

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  • Can we just eat loads of Indian food ;)

    I know it's really good for you, but hadn't realised you could get it as a supplement.

    Cheers for the info Gins.

    Pip xx

  • Hi pip,

    Yummy what a good excuse but three times a day------?

    I think I would rather have the supplement lol

    Off for my curry now - - - - - -


  • Curry for breakfast gins ........eeuuuugghhh !!!! :D :D

  • Hi gins yes I've read that curry is good for FMS and arthritis, I use to love it, still do but now I have Barratts Osophegus I can't touch it, says Dee cursing lol enjoy your curries hugs ...Dee x

  • Hi Dee try it in tablet form might just help you pain


  • Oh gins, you've stirred that vacant space where once my brain resided, I think I read an article about this some time back but of course it got lost in the mele of my well known fogginess. Unfortunately my tummy doesn't agree with curry, so I think I might just head for the tablet form, like Dee.

    Foggy x

  • Hi gins is this not a good excuse for virtual indian take away day?

    Oh! I love saag aloo, a good dansaak, mushroom pilau rice, chilli garlic and coriander naan, mmmmm onion bhajis :)

    I'm really hungry now


  • PS sorry! gins do let me know how it goes as I really shouldn't eat curries but I always feel fab after eating one so in essence I'll be torturing myself to feel good LOLOL

    xxxzebxxx soft hugs

  • WOW! i have cheered up reading this....and ZEB your menu is the same as mine...although the naan would be the peshwari type...I am really hungry now...never new that curries help FM and arthritis....what a fab excuse to by them now.....WOOP WOOP!!!!

    GINS..make sure you let us all know how the trial goes wont you?!!! All the best

    Hayley xx :-D xx

  • cool :) mmmm whats for tea tonight?

    cheers for the link I shall check it out :)

    aren't indian meals warming too? just what I need right now! my hands aren't far off being blue at the mo :(

    thinking about warm things now LOL


  • Forgot to add...if you like curries made at home try the link below.... I have never tasted a 'home' curry that tastes so good and really authentic. i have tried the Punjabi tomato one and it is fab! (Im lucky I have my hubby who cooks).

    try them if you wont be disappointed xxx

  • Cheers for that. I'm going to order some - they sound fab! Pip xx

  • Well all this talk means we're having curry tonight. Yummy!

    I agree though - maybe too much to have it three times a day ;)

    Pip xx

  • Hhhuuummggghhh ....... All I can say to you is Chilli !!! ........ Hehehehe ........stands well back........

  • Arrgghhh..! Remembering bout of IBS the other day from too much red meat. The chilli was delicious though :) You are soooo naughty Foggy ;) Thankfully... it's chicken curry ;) xx

  • HHhhmmm I knew you'd come up with some clever retort ;-) ;-) hehehehe

  • Ok, if its chicken then make with the doggy bag for me, make sure it's thermo-insulated so I get it warm, tis a long long way..... Hehehehe xx

  • I don't think they'll be any left ;) xx

  • Not even. Teensiest weeensiest Foggy sized portion ?? Hangs head......oh woe is me for I am a poor and un-curried fibromite :o :o :o

    Foggy x ....... Left half starving by her friends ;-)

  • Friends... friends... you didn't tell me you had any friends ;)

    By the way, the chicken biriani and chicken passanda with gluten free naan (which tasted like normal naan bread) was fabulissimi..!

    I'll send you some virtual spices and a couple of chickens to get you started ;)

    Pip (full of curry) xx

  • That's torn it, it's war....... all gloves off and no whoevers rules apply !!!

    You think you can buy me off with a couple dodgy chickens and spices, and there I was making chilli for you............

    Foggy crawls off into the friendless corner and weeps huge tears of woe :-( :-( ;-)

  • I hope you're using quorn mince for that chilli, but given revenge is imminent I know it going to be the proper stuff..!

    Note to self... beware an invite to dinner with Foggy and find out where the toilets are ;)

    You can come out of the friendless corner now. I think Zeb likes you ;) ;) ;) xx

  • you know that range of spice make-up pip? hehehe fancy some chilli :-o

    I of the squeak variety thought you of the nutty variety to be from the same ilk of creatures that run away from cats! just like me :) oh! owls :-p


  • You're so bad :) You must stop hanging around Foggy - she's a bad influence ;)

    Owls are ok - I just throw my nuts at them ;) xx

  • hehehe lucky you!

    fortunately i'm a very fast sprinter and more than excellent at hide and seek :-p graduated top of my class I did LOL

    chuckle chuckle xx

  • Oh dear I will post you some down I love it cold I hope. You do it will be cold by the time it . Reaves you. ;) glad the common went down so well. Champagne tomorrow. It is a tonic

    Xxx gin

  • I make a juice with my juicer, with carrots, celery, turmeric (1/2 teaspoon) beetroot, spinach, lemon juice (a splash) it doesn't taste too hot but it is good for energy boost, keep it up and in a month you'll feel a difference in the energy side. Don't go too mad with the activity side in moderation. Weight loss juice is good too, celery, grapefruit, lemon juice in the juicer and drink every morning. If your on any medication please check before having grate fruit as some medication could react to it, if stated in box or in med leaflet then find alternatives such as raspberries etc.

  • hi panther that sounds really tasty with the exception to celery :-o

    I cannot have grapefruit because of the statins that I have to take and it does state on the label the chemist prints out. It really narks me too because I love pink grapefruits :(

    yummy I may try it! :0

    xxxzebxxx and fluffies in celery green, beetroot red and turmeric yellow hope you like their cuddliness

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