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Dla lost my file !!!!

Hi just wondered if anyone else has had their complete file lost by the dla. I applied in jan 2013 and had medical and was up to stage of appealing and they've gone and list my complete file. Does anyone have any advice. I've re sent my original app form as had copy with the CAB and included a covering letter stating an update in my condition (fibro and arthritis) and a log if how many times I've phoned to ask for copy if medical report. It took them 6 months to tell me they'd lost them

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That is really bad of them Good luck at tracking them down or getting new copies. Just wondered ,did you send them with proof of postage I always do,since they messed me about! :-)

Rainbow hugs x ((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))


hi...erm YES! and when I sent them all again and at the end of it all low and behold the first pile of documents that came through my door were the lost ones!!!! did you send them recorded delivery? if so tell them its not your problem...I will message you will help xxx


Thanks for replies. Yes I post all my stuff recorded so got all receipts. Been on phone to them this morn and they've received my copy of original app form and covering letter and have said I have to have yet another medical but if they decide me to be successful it will all get back dated to January. Am looking into the data protection act as there is something in there about lost documents. It's too much stress but am not letting it go.


They are a joke !!! I applied for DLA in June of this year, have not heard a peep from them. Tried phoning and rang the number, only to be told by a automated voice to ring another number, .........wait for it.......only to be told to ring the 1st number......was going round in circles. So frustrating...

Jan x


I have found any important docs to send by recorded delivery. I have had banks DWP and many other big companies claim to never receive my letters/ documents but if I send a cheque to the same address it goes though?

I ended up getting my MP involved and all of a sudden I was getting calls about my letters etc, from the DWP even those that were no longer relevant but previously said were lost?

Always a good Idea to copy what was sent as at least you do not have to fill it all in again or do it online?

Be Well


Good that you did your application through the CAB, they would or should always retain a copy. I know as I used to work for them and although a charitable organisation was always asked for copies of whatever we used to send to any professional organisation.


You aren't the first this has happened to by any means. I personally know three people who had the same thing happen. It turned out in all cases that they weren't lost, just 'mislaid'. Convenient for the DWP, who can delay things further for the claimant. Sorry, but I just don't trust any of them any more - I have been to hell and back dealing with them. In the age of computers nothing should be lost.


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